If you have gotten the new White Dwarf You found the rules for 40k in 40 minutes
they have some certain rules in them like no special charecters, no 2+ invuln saves. So that means I CAN NOT TAKE AN EMPERORS CHAMPION
Please Tell me what you think


High Marshal Points- 240
Plasma Pistol (x1); Power Weapon (x1)
Purity Seals, Iron Halo
Command Squad Points
5 Initiates 1x(Lascannon) 4x(Bolters)

BT Squad Alpha (5) 4x bolter 1x Plasma Cannon Points- 90
BT Squad Beta (5) 4x bolter 1x Missle Launcher Krak Points-85
BT Squad Gamma (5) 4X Bolt Pistol/CC weapon 1x Missle Launcher Krak Points-85

Vow - Suffer Not the Unclean

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