Bodygaurd : apothacary,techmarine Standard bearer and vetran srg
Bolt pistols, melta gun And standard of devistation

5 Grey Knight terminators 1 incinrator
grey knight brother captian
5 grey knights 1 incinrator
Grey Knight justicar
word of the emporer, force weapon and destroy deamon

dark angels troop squad x7
plasma cannon
vetran sergant : Plasma pistol

dark angels troop squad x7
plasma cannon

dark angel troop squad x5

Fast attack
raven wing bik squad: Flamer

heavy support
Dozer blade, Extra Armour, Hunter Killer Missile Smoke Launchers
Pintle mounted storm bolter
(Replacing with Predator: Extra Armour,SmokeLaunchers,HK missile)

Total points : 1,377

i am using the special rule in the daemon hunters rule book to field the Terminators and the grey knights squad.

i am also replacing the Vindicator with the predator and also i am going to field a Dreadnought as well.

ignore this topic i changed the description to 1,377 Dark Angels Army