Hey folks, I recently acquired a bunch of new stuff and still haven't played my first game. Are there any experianced players who can help me put together some army lists for differant sized games? This is what I have.

Emperor's Champ
Marshal with Command Squad, Storm Bolter and Powersword
Standard Bearer
Sargent Equivalent

Marshal, independant with Jump Pack powerfist and bolter

Unassembled Chaplain on bike
3 Terminators with Lightning Claws
2 Terminators with Thunder Hammers

Dreadnought with variable weaponry

8 SM with Bolter
2 SM with Missle Launchers
1 SM with Meltagun
1 SM with Flamer

8 SM with CCW and Bolt pistols
2 SM with Powerswords and BP

13 Unassembled Marines

-Fast Attack-
Landspeeder with melta

3 Assault Marines with Powerswords/axes and Stormshields
1 Assault Marine with Powerfist and Stormshields
7 Assault marines with CCW and Stormshields
5 unassembled Assault Marines

-Heavy Support-
Predator customized so that I can switch guns, (Still working on sponsons)
Land Raider Crusader

Stuff that is supposed to Arrive but hasn't yet(stupid Ebay):
Land Raider
5 Man Termie Squad
5 Man Assault Squad
10 Man Tactical Squad

Sooo, any advice on differant standard point army sizes would be appreciated, as well as any wargear for my squads that would be necessary.