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Thread: army help :3

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    army help :3

    well ive never playd warhammer 40k ever... but like 4-5 or my friends play it and ive been faascinated by it for a long time. and well u can prolly tell but i cant choose an army *Gasp suprise??* at first i wass like "zomg i want dark eldar" becuase there dark evil and i was told that there the closest things to assassins/specialists but now ive been doin my research. i NOW wana do TAU, IG and maybe still DARK ELDAR.

    likes: unique im not guna take an army everyone uses.
    easy to start not guna kill me on learning rules not ugna get SLAUGHTERED at the begining and not the hardest to assemble
    balanced i want an army that has good firepower and decent closerange
    has good infiltrating i need an army that has infiltrators that can do anything (cuz i like the hole stealth thing)
    SNIPERS snipers r an absolute must have cadian snipers looked like my thing and the tau sniper drones
    spec ops has something close to special forces or something, i read abou the IG stormtroopers and those were awsum and i read about the tau pathfinders they look awsum.

    well discusse plz, i dont need u guys to pick just what i might like and pros n cons of em, plus u dont HAVE to choose out o the 3 i mentioned jsut along those lines

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    First, I'm nothing but a regular joe-member on the forum boards here and have no authority to censure you or enforce anything. Nor do I want to bother. However you may be wondering why no one has responded to your post so I threw together this $0.02.

    Although I couldn't find the rules for posting it only took me a few seconds to find this post here (How To Ask Questions The Smart Way..) from the LO Admin staff. It talks about the best way to post to ensure you get good and relevant feedback to your questions. The time taken to reading that whole article would be another matter altogether but the salient points are in the headings and are pretty self explanitory.

    Basically posts that do not contain punctuation, grammar and correct spelling (or the very honest effort of a facimilie) will probably not get answered. Net chat room language and l337 speak are not welcome in the forums (maybe there's a Lounge forum that let's it slide, I dunno).

    As to helping you choose an army that fits your criteria I offer up the following:
    The uniqueness of an army is very specific to the group you game with, or at most the immediate area you game in. Almost no one in our group plays space marines but two of us play Dark Eldar. Tournemants are not a good indicator of army rarity either because I know several people who own a Chaos army just for tourneys. The post count for each army's forum should at least give you an idea of what armies aren't discussed often (and it's reasonable to assume not played often either). My guess would be Dark Eldar, Orcs and Sister of Battle.

    It looks like you've already listed what you want and found 3 armies that meet most of your criteria. None of those choices are particularly forgiving armies to learn with but I would guess Tau are the most robust.
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    For my amusement:

    While I've never played Warhammer 40k, four or five of my friends do. I've been fascinated by the game for a long time, as, well, you can probaby tell. My issue is, I can't choose an army.
    At first I wass like "zOmG i want dark eldar lol" becuase they're dark, evil, and I was told that they are the closest things to assassin-specialists.
    But now I've been doing my research.
    I now want to try Tau, IG, and Dark Eldar is still up there.

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    Likes: Unique; I'm not gonna' take an army everyone uses.
    Easy; Easy to start. Not gonna' kill myself with learning rules.
    Pride; Rather not get slaughtered at the beginning, and,
    Not the hardest to assemble
    Balanced; I want an army that has good firepower and decent closerange.
    Otherwise, if the army has good infiltration units, or skills, that'd be wonderful.
    I feel as though I need an army that has infiltrators -- They're an awesome concept. Go along with that whole 'assassins' thing.

    Snipers! Snipers are an absolute must-have. Cadian snipers looked like my thing and the tau sniper drones are wonderful. Something about Death-Before-You-Can-See-It-Coming really catches my eye. Lone-wolf stuff, right?
    Spec-Ops, or that has something close to special forces. I read about the Imperial Guard Stormtroopers and those were awesome. I read about the Tau Pathfinders, they look awsome. Really, I'm looking for an elite unit that works on it's own. Best-of-the-best so to speak.

    Well, discuss please.
    I don't need you guys to pick, just what I might like, and the Pro's, Con's of your suggestions. Plus, you don't -have- to choose out of the three I mentioned, just suggestions to show off my preferences thus far.
    It's a matter of Pride, when you enter the cage..

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