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Thread: Next Army...

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    Next Army...

    Well, fairly soon I will probably be looking into another 40k army having completed my dark eldar (no, not yet, this is in the future) and stopped my harlequins mid-way because GW decided to not allow them to be a stand-alone army anymore and just a unit in an eldar army. I am having a bit of trouble picking an army and am looking for ideas now.

    I have discovered that my favorite style of play is mobile shooty as in gunboat dark eldar with shooty raider squads and ravagers and with my models I can do that to a limited extent already but its like 65% close combat and 35% or less shooty.

    Armies that have appealed to me at some stage are eldar of some sort, most likely a Saim Hann-esque army, lots of jetbikes and vypers (hope they get better in new codex), Necrons, because I can get them very cheap from friends, although they can play like that with lots of destroyers, I probably would end up doing the fluffy unstoppable march thing, also necrons aren't customisable enough for my taste. Night lords too, they are the only chaos that I really like the looks of, but chaos don't have any mobile shooty units as far as I am aware except bikes... but they can't fly or anything, they also seem to be geared towards close combat a bit too much for my taste, esspecially since I've already done a cc type army... I have ruled space marines out because of a bitter dislike of them for many reasons but thats for another day to discuss... These are just the ones I have really thought about though... I have considered tau, but I would need a great deal of convincing to play them, I don't like their ignorance compared to other races, their naivity, or their clumsiness and just general poor skill.

    [EDIT] I changed my mind about the tau and for the moment they are my number one choice, I really like the crisis and stealth suits and the pihrana, and I don't mind vespids that much but I think it might be an all tau no mercenary army. Not sure about pathfinders, hammerheads seem good, broadsides too immobile, not sure whether to use firewarriors as firebase or for fish of fury type things to fit with the mobile thing, probably the fish. Probably pathfinders are a good idea for the markerlights but I'll decide once I've had a really good look at the codex. Any alternative army ideas are still welcome though. [/EDIT]

    Having a break from low toughness and save might be a good move just for having a completely different army but it certainally isn't nessecary. Can night lords have a cool mobile shooty theme? Or are they pretty much just raptor rush, which is cool, but not what I'm looking for... Cost also comes into it a bit but not so much as to want to go just for the minimum cost force and not take anything else into account.

    Anyway, any ideas are welcome.

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    Orks are definately mobile and shooty. Open Topped trukk style warfare should be familiar and Big Shootas and Rokkits are both assault weapons and you can have 3 in a squad. The horde just keeps on moving. They are also extremely customizable AND they can take Kroot Mercs (which are 3x as good as Tau Kroot).

    Ravenwing is not very customizable but certainly mobile and shooty. They can still take lone Assault Bikes that get a 2+ turbo boost save (at least until the new DA codex).

    I like Tau fluff, and most of the models but I've completely crushed them in every encounter so far, and I let them tailor thier lists vs either my Ultramarines or Dark Eldar. So even with a new Codex I'm not that impressed with what they can do. Mind you they weren't twinked out lists, they had a nice balance of units (just the weapons load outs were tailored for MEQ or anti infantry).
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