Night Lords 2000pt Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Hu likes the look of this list?
    It seems balanced and ready to take on all armies, horde and armour of the like.

    2008 points

    Chaos Daemon Prince
    Wargear: Dreadaxe or dark blade depending on how many inv armour saves in enemy army, ccw
    Daemonic: Rune, Armour, Strength, Mutations, Essence, Aura, Stature, Flight

    Possessed Chaos Marines 8 Possessed Marines w. bolt pistols and chainswords
    Daemonic Talons Rhino w. extra armour, smoke launchers

    This choice allows an extra havoc to be added.

    Chosen Chaos Space Marines
    6 w. terminator armour
    2w. reaper autocannon

    Chaos Marine Squad 7 Marines
    4 Marines w. bolters 2 plasma guns1 Aspiring champion w. power sword, bolt pistol
    1 Rhino w. extra armour
    Chaos Marine Squad 7 Marines
    7 marines w. bolters and chainswords 1 aspiring champion w. power fist, bolt pistol
    1 rhino w. extra armour,
    Chaos Marine Squad 7 Marines 4 marines w. bolters and chainswords
    1 aspiring champion w. power fist, bolt pistol 2 w. flamers 1 rhino w. extra armour
    2 Chaos Marine Squads of: 5 Marines 4 marines w. bolters 1 w. lascannon

    6 bikes 1 Aspiring Champion w. power sword and daemonic mutation
    2 w. Plasma Guns or melta guns (depending on enemy force, same pts cost)
    7 Raptors
    3 w. melta gun or plasma gun as with the bikes
    1 aspiring champion w. pair of lightning claws, daemonic mutation

    Daemonic Beasts
    6 Furies

    Chaos Marine Havocs Squad 5 Havocs 1 havoc w. bolter 4 w. heavy bolters

    I have kept my options open as I have quite a few different models my CSM squads arent all equipped with ccws and bolters as i have lack of parts. I have an uber daemon prince as I do not want him to die soon and to cause huge damage to both enemy armour and high cost enemy units. He will of course join the raptors. I have found that the bikes accompanying the raptors with the possessed pushing the enemy's flank has been quite effective. The havocs fill the role of meat munchers as it were, taking down squads in the way of bigger targets.
    There are two smaller CSM squads taking out enemy armour as well as the bikes and raptors. The possessed or terminators are to take out high priced enemy units.

    I'd like relatively positive feedback and please no trash talking.

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    I find giving your havocs missile launchers and tank hunters is really effective, and I would take the possessed instead of the chosen, myself, Lose the bikes to take another squad of raptors. If I was you make at least 2 of your squads combat squads (cc wpns and pistols), as it seems rather pointless to have cc equipped champions in shooty squads.

    Would you mind rating my list please?
    Apathy is the greatest enemy of all.


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