i've got a stealer cult that isn't currently legal and i wanted to use it as a legal proxy for an IG army

i have 60 troopers, one heavy weapon squad, a leman russ w/battle cannon, a predator to convert into a hellhound, 13 bikes to use as cavalry, two sentinels, and some leaders and assault weapon guys, they were all converted from stealers and catachans

i was going to play them as a slow advancing army with several groups of guardsmen in carapace armor, i know that the general conscript doesn't do well in hth but i like using them partially for the shock value and partially because they don't do as bad as people usually say, since they're cheap enough to be completely expendable

i was just wondering if i should use commisars, and which of the orders i should take, and how i should organize the army

any suggestions would be appreciated

player of iron hands and 'stealer cults