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    Which race forSTARFIST's 34th FIST?

    If you didn't get the title, chances are you won't be able to help me out, but hey, stick around, you could still have a few ideas!

    Note: Words like so, *hi* inbetween the stars are covered in the glossary at the end.

    The IDEA: Make an army based off the Confederate Marines from the awesome STARFIST novels. (If you like Sci-fi and War Novels, pick these up! They are worth every penny, there is also the STARFIST Force Recon series, both are so awesome, that if I said how much I loved them, the Mods would have to ban me for my language! ;D)

    Anyways, first thing to come to mind is either IG or SM.

    But ther are slight problems with both.


    Pro: Thier weapons and thier non-armor equipment represnets the better equipment the FIST Marines have acress to compared the regular army.

    Cons: Power Armor doesn't properly represent a FIST Marine's *Chameleons*, nor is the command structure higher up the same...

    Its kinda thre opposite for the IG, but a Grenadiers army could work out nicely, maybe even use the carapace and chameleon doctrines?

    Bring on the ideas please!


    Chameleon: A FIST Marine's Armor. It is true Active Camo. You look at a FIST Marine wearing his Chameleons, you won't see him. Not only does him render the wearer nim invisible in the visible light spectrum, it also lowers his Infared signature, making him extremly hard to fight against. The easiest way of spotting a Marine is as he is shooting, as his plasma sopitting blaster can't camo the plasmabolts, find where the bolts came from and you'll know where the FIST Marines was seconds ago, thier changed to change postion after every few shots.

    So yeah.

    Bring on the ideas!


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    You could run IG

    with Carpace as a doctrine to guarantee 4+ saves and then on top of that you could run Camoline to ensure that you also always get a +1 cover save.

    Granted it would make your basic trooper cost 10 points or 66% more and still have a really really crappy gun.

    But it might help in the fluff department.

    Grenadiers wouldn't be abad opition especially if you choose to run a mech force.

    the more I think about, the only truely trouney viable IG fore is a mech guard force with lots of armor to play with.

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