I took a 2nd look at what i wanted for my IG army and the doctrines i wanted. I decided to go for cadian only doctrines for that added character. Plz see what u think and advise is welcome

Grenadiers +
Storm Troopers +
SharpShooters +
Iron Disipline
Conscripts +
Special Wepaons Squads +
Sanctioned Psykers

+ = Using


Junior Officer - Plasma Pistol / Power Weapon / Hornorifica Imperials
1 guardsmen - Company Standard / Plasma Pistol / CCW
1 guardsmen - Plasma gun
Heavy Weapons team - Autocannon +126pts

Troops 1

3 Storm Trooper squad usin Grenadiers Doctrine

1. 2x Plasma Guns
2. 2x Plasma Guns
3. 2x Melta Guns + Melta Bombs + Vet Sgt with power weapon + 411pts
(3rd Squad For Anti tank and assault)

Troops 2
Infantry Platoon

Command Squad
Junior Officer - Power weapon / Plasma Pistol
2 Guardsmen - Plasmaguns
Heavy Weapons Team - AutoCannon +90pts

Inf Squad 1
Plasma Gun Sharpshooter Doctrine +105 pts

Inf Squad 2
Heavy Bolter
Plasma Gun Sharpshooter Doctrine +90pts

Total +822 Pts

Any alteration suggestions are welcome. thnks haX