G'day, ive recently increased my Space Wolves army with more vehicles and more troops. Just been mucking round with some lists and here is one of them. Any suggestions, comments etc would be great. Thanks

Rune Priest 163pts
Lightning claws
Wolf Tooth Necklace
Wolf Pelt
Belt of Russ

Venerable Dreadnought 161pts
Assault Cannon
Storm Bolter
Extra Armour

Wolf Scouts 106pts
4 with Bolt pistols and CCW and Melta Bombs
1 with Power Weapon and Plasma Pistol

Grey Hunters 117pts
5 with Bolters
1 with Bolt pistol and Power Weapon

Blood Claws 232pts
3 with Powerfists and Bolt Pistols
11 with Bolt Pistols and CCW

Blood Claws 234pts
2 with Powerfists and Bolt Pistols
13 with Bolt Pistols and CCW

Landspeeder 66pts

Predator Annihilator 136pts
Twin linked Lascannon
2 Heavy Bolters Sponsons
Extra Armour

Vindicator 126pts
Extra Armour

Whirlwind 75pts
Missile Launchers

Razorback 86 pts
Twin Linked Plasma Gun
(For the Grey Hunters)

So there it is....Let me know what you're thoughts are being good or bad.....but make it constructive critisism pls.....thanks again