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    Need help with small games, limited models

    This summer, I will be going to Germany to visit family for several weeks. I hope to be able to go to a GW store (specifically Mannhiem) while I'm there because my state doesn't have one. I can't really take my army with me on the plane, so I found these sets on the German GW site. If these are like the Battle for Macragge models in that they can fit together snugly enough to play with them, which I think they are, I can buy several sets to play maybe some small games witht the family or something. They've never played before, so this is where I need help. Could you give me some suggestions on which sets to buy and how many of them to make decent small forces (I want to spend as little as possible), rules for extremely small games (say 100-150 pts max), and any other helpful advice? A certain amt of proxying will help, EX: the ork with the horns is a nob, etc...

    These are the available sets I know of, if anyone who lives in Germany knows of others, please let me know, they are all 10 EUR each on the online store:
    4 ork slugga boyz
    3 bolter marines
    5 termagants

    Thanks for any help!

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    The battle for Macragge set is nice to play some games with. It comes with a compact version of the rulebook, some dice, some range rulers, and some other thing. With it, you can play tiny games that should be a fun enough. If you want to spice it up some more, I'd get a rhino and some large Tyranid beasty (Though you'd probably need the codecies to know what they do...)

    As for introducing other races... Well, that's probably going to cost you alot more money. I wouldn't buy those small snap fit boxes. They're more expensive then a normal box set.

    Really, with the Macragge set, you've got all you need to play some small games.

    Here's even some more missions you could play with the box set alone:
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