Plz tell me what u think f this army list it for a conflict tournament and based aroun a rebel cadiun regiment I cnt take ne csm allies for the touramet so I made my army a pure traitor army.

Arch Heretic, power weapon, bolt pistol, deamonic visage, krak grenades, bionics.

15 zombies
15 zombies (2 squads)
10 traitors. Autocannon team, grenade launcher.
4 Gibbering hordes.
5 traitors missile launcher team.
5 traitors missile launcher team

Fast attack
8 hounds
8 Hounds (two squads)

Heavy Support:
2 leman russes with two heavy bolters and lascannon.

The idea for this army is that the traitors and leman russes provide me with a solid fire base to defend while my zombies absorb enemy charges (their fealess) an then the hounds and arch heretic counter attack.

Im goin to to mke the arch heretic out of a senior cadian officer model as I feel it will suit my theme better.
My zombies will also have rements of their cadian uniforms on them as they represent guard that have been more affected by the powers of the warp.