My New Dh Army List 1500pt - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Feb 2004
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    since my last army didn quite work as I planned I had to make some little changes and desited that you all should be honoured to see it and judge it for me hehe

    grand master [MVW NFW, storm bolter, targeter, hammerhand] 161
    6x terminator [NFW, stormbolter] 276

    Inqusitor [powerarmor, psycannon, hammerhand] 70
    gun servitori x2 [1xplasmacannon, 1xmeltagun] 80
    sagex2, mystic 26

    stormtrooper x5 [3x hellgun, 1x grenade launcher, targeter, frag grenaders] 60
    grey knightx7+justicar [storm bolter, NFW,1x incinirator [just with targeter]] 236

    Fast attack
    grey knightx5+justicar storm bolter, NFW, 1xincinirator [just with targeter] 186

    LR Crusader [2x hurricane, 1x autocannon, multi melta, blessed] 265
    dreadnaught [twlink lascan, storm bolter, CC weapon, blessed] 140


    tell me what you think

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    Too many terminators in a 1500 point game. Take one off and put two gk into the fast attack squad. Keep either the dread or the land raider, but take one off and put more points into your units.
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