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    Command Platoon
    2 Anti-Tank squads
    2 Support Fire squads

    3 Vet squads

    Infantry Platoons

    Fast Attack
    3 Hellhounds

    Heavy Support
    3 Basilisks, Indirect Fire

    Sharpshooters, Drop-Troops, Close-order drill, drop-troops, independent commisars

    Any advice on squad numbers and choice of weapons?

    The idea of having 3 Hellhounds was to cover basilisk blind-spots and/or screen the bassies from shooting and to protect against close-combat. Independent commisars can work with conscripts to give me a Ld10 screen.

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    First off you have a doctrines problem.

    If you want to have more than one veteran squad you have to take the veterans doctrine.

    also to use Conscripts in an army that uses doctrines, you'll have to use a doctrine point on them aswell.

    You have droptroops listed twice...

    Independent Commissars... Why? If they are independent your enemy can target them =bad thing... Also -if I remember correct, they take up an elites slot on your force org. table.. =bad thing if you still want 3 veteran squads.

    Other than the doctrines issue it is hard to say much when you don't list what options you want to use for each squad, the only thing I think I can say for sure is, that you will not be able to fit this inside a 1500 pts. limit. I assume that you remember that you cannot uses indirect fire with the basilisks at ranges under 36"...

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