Hey I just wanted to get some opinions from the players here!...by the way Hi all I'm new! *waveS* thank you..thank you *L*

alright here's my list that I'm working on for the Toronto Conflict in May

Night Lords

Sorcerer Lord
with Daemon Armour Daemonic Steed
Dark Blade, Gift of Chaos psychic power, Warp Focus
Furious Charge and Mark of Chaos undivided

Chaos Sorcerer
Daemon Steed Daemonic Venom
Gift of Chaos, Warp Focus,

4 Chosen Aspiring Champions
Daemonic Steeds Chaos Undivided Furious Charge
One Upgraded to Sorcerer, Gift of Chaos

10 Night Lords with Bolt pistols and C.C weapons
Asp.Champion with Power Sword, Plasma Pistol and Daemonic Strength
Furious Charge, Mark of Undivided, 2 Plasma Pistols

Rhino- Dirge Caster, Extra Armour and Smoke Launcher

5 Bikers
Asp. Champion- Power Fist Daemon Armour
Chaos Undivided Plasma Gun Furious Charge

5 Raptors
Asp Champion Daemonic Talons Daemonic Mutation
Furious Charge Chaos Undivided

5 Raptors- Same as above
5 Night Lords- Missile Launcher,Tank Hunters
5Night Lords- same as above except with lascannon

any changes I mightneed to make? I'd appreciate any thoughts
thanks :ph34r: