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    Who is the biggest bad a$$

    Who is the most expensive unit (not tank) in the game? Weather he is a special unit, squad (i.e. imperial guard), deamon or battle suit who is the most expensive?

    If you may answer for the most expensive tank/vehical if you want to.

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    Ha! Yeah why not.

    Please note: Some of my figures may be incorrect, however I think I got this right.

    In my mind, the most expensive/bad ass unit in the game would have to be a fully upgraded IG infantry platoon.

    In a fully upgraded infantry platoon (single unit) you can have 64 men plus up to 3 tooled up advisors.

    These men will ALL have carapace armour (4+ saves), maybe bionics (6+ invulnerable), maybe cameleoline (+1 to cover saves), maybe +1 WS or a miriad of other bonuses.

    They would all definitely ride in 7 fully tooled up Chimera transports, each Chimera sporting camo netting, extra armour, a hunter-killer missile, plus all other mods, as well as a heavy bolter and a multilaser.

    There would be a total of 7 Heavy Bolters, 7 Multilasers, 7 Hunter-killer missiles, 6 lascannons, 8 plasmaguns, 7 plasma pistols, and 43 lasguns. Plus maybe 2 powerfists, an eviscerator, and a mastercrafted force weapon.

    And this is all one unit on the force organisation chart.

    (Edit: Actually, you might be able to have more attached advisors than that, taking out some for the missing senior advisor, you could have another 3 priests, 3 psykers, and 3 commissars, for another 3 eviscerators, 3 mastercrafted force weapons, and 3 powerfists. Although the priests might wreck the usefullness of the lascannons, so that would be up to the user as to which to include.)

    (Second Edit: Dont forget to account for doctrines either, I guess. Maybe only carapace, psykers, mechanised, cyber-enhancements, chem-inhalers or sharpshooters, hardened fighters or close order drill).
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