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    need help deciding an army

    hi everyone

    im new to this site and this is my first post:ninja:

    i'm wanting to know what army people think i should collect?
    im looking for a shooty sort of army and any advice or tips are greatly appreciated

    thank you to all who reply:yes:

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    You've got some options. The most notable armies for pure ranged combat are Tau & I.G. Both of these armies field cheap models with lots of shots. Both armies take advantage of a number of quality vehicle options.

    If you're wanting quality over quantity, then look into collecting Marines (either loyalist or traitors). They bring to the table lots of potential for a purely ranged army, but also are very good at mixing close combat- chaos marines in particular.

    I recommend that you review a few codices at your local Games Workshop store (assuming there's on in your area). Read through the army fluffs and see what fits your playing style. Also, review the army mechanics for ideas you might like to field.

    Before buying an army, I would strongly suggest proxying it with a friend and playing a few games. I've known several players that bought their armies before really understanding them, and after a few games, realized that they made a mistake.

    Good Luck.

    One final thing: It would really help if you could provide a little more information concerning the armies your considering or at least some general fluff and/or mechanics that you would like to use.
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