Daemon Prince=196
mark of khorne, spiky bits chrage and close combat weapon.
filght, dread axe, aura, ess. stat. feel no pain



Pred. with side lasscannons and top one. thing that makes it armor go up to 14.
thing that ignores crew shaken and crew stuned. and thing that allows you to regrow guns.=215


Khorne Ber.=278
chap. with power fist and spiky bits. all with chrage mark of khorne and those axe things. each suad has a rhino with extra armor.

Any tips would be great!!!
10 bloodletters=260

Fast attack


Seg. and two plasme pistols/multa gun also. they have tank hunters chrage and infltate.

The Raptors starte up 12, then get an extra 6. then they move 12 so there at 30 inches. the preds. shoot some thing big and pop it. the khorne ber. run up their with the daemon prince. then the daemons pop out, Stooping them form shooting my rhinos. And as soon as their done with all the dasmons, the other men will be up there.