For a long time now I have thought about doing an Adeptus Mechanicus Rogue Cult.

The background consists of them believing humanity has reached its limit and must evolve if it is to survive, using ancient technology originating from the Dark Ages ‘The Zanatorian Machine Cult’ uses a variety of forbidden technology to defend humanity and at the same time avoid Imperial forces hoping that they can save as many worlds from the great downfall the Imperium has destined for itself.

Of course with such a solid background and most of my artwork being based on a character within this cult I would like to build a Zanatorian Machine Cult Army.

But how? I’ve had many ideas on how to do this.....

Tank Army: Converting Imperial Guard or Space Marine tanks to give them a very technological look, I thought about converting the Hellhound into some sort of spider bot using defiler components. However vehicle heavy armies are out the question since everyone at my club and at GTs has at least 1 anti tank weapon in each unit!

Necrons: Converting them to make them look like Mechanicus robots the question is how?

Tau: Something to match their technologically advanced and renegade nature converting Robotic battle robots to act as Tau Battlesuits using the Farsight rules? (Again how?)

Iron Angels: I thought about converting a group of cybernetic winged warriors (Assault Marines) using the mechanical wings from the spyre miniature from Necromunda and mixing it with Dark Angel models to create a mysterious fast moving attack force. Problem is its not very technological!

Robotic Drones: Last idea was to convert a swarm drop troops army using little drones I created for an Inquisitor campaign as main guardsmen problem is mounting the Lasguns and the fact they don’t look anything like guardsmen (Causing confusion during a game)

Deathwing: Another idea was to use the classic Necron Immortal bodies and army them with a powerfist and storm bolter and count them as Terminators and convert them to look like the Leviathan robot pictured here:

I was hoping some of you could help me out here?