A friend of mine thought he was hot ***** with his Vanilla Space Wolves, so I made a list to bust his up; Thus, the uber-cheese shooting list was made. It's not so great against vehicles, but it makes power-armored models cry.

Farseer x2
(ccw, guide, sp) (x2)

Guardian Defenders x5
Guardian Defenders x5
Vyper Squadron x2 Vypers
(Brightlances, Spirit Stones, Holo Fields)

Dark Reapers x3
Dark Reapers x2 + Exarch
(Fast Shot, EML)

Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:
(x2 Starcannons)

I'm 14 points over, but he didn't mind. Turn one saw him losing both his Rhinos, and all of his Long Fangs. Turn two saw his army halved, and turn three saw his Dreadnought immobilised, and the rest of his army destroyed.