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    Seer Council
    4 Farseers (Fortune, 3 Mind Wars, S.Spear, 3 SP+W.Blade)
    5 Warlocks (Enhance, 3 Augments, Embolden)

    2x20 Black Guardian Defenders, Starcannon, Warlock w/SP+W.Blade+Conceal
    4x5 Guardian Defenders, Starcannon

    Fast Attack
    3x1 Vypers w/Starcannon

    Heavy Support
    1x3 D-Cannons
    2 Wraithlords w/Starcannons

    3 36'' Mind Wars work well on armies that have hidden Heavies/Specials/P.Fists or good ICs. No hidden powerfists or their equivalent = no CC threat to the 2 Wraithlords.

    Starcannons and Guardians are very good anti-infantry and the Starcannon is good vs transports. The D-Cannons are for tough units such as Chaos Lords, Wraithlords, LR Tanks and Necrons.

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    You got the thing skewer in MHO,
    You are relying on your gaurdian squads to give you havey weapons so your wraithlords (HS are not troubled in combat, try using gaurdians properly, take HS to take out tanks, and use a banshee squad for combat - you dont need the singing spear in your farseers and you dont seem to have bought your warlocks any weapons, that is fine but then ditch the stuff off your farseers too if all they are gonna do is sit back and mindwar

    D cannon are to take out large infantry units like marine squads, termie sqauds necrons etc, they work well on anything but get most value from this, use vypers with bright lances to take out tanks, consider wave serpents with TL brigh lances, add some D reapers to take out infantry too, you have all those Farseers with mindwar, they are there to take out Demon lords/princes and othe biggies, not the Dcannon
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