Tiberius stared out into the dark black abyss, that was the Eye of Terror. He knew he would be entering it soon. He could sense the presense of a demon enetity. He knew somewhere there were Chaos that were accumalating, and he would be there un-doing...

"... Tiberius .... Tiberius... we know your wavering... we know your secrets... we know what you once were..."

The voices halted. They had Become a Frequent accurance everytime he came close to the Eye. He had alwyas had a bad experience with the Eye. But none such as this. He had never heard voices.

There stood Brother Rapheal, clutching his ancient power weapon. An ancient Artifact given to him during the defence of Cadia. Rapheal was a Chaplain. Fearless, tough and Headstrong. The Light of Stars bounced off his pitch black armour. Rapheal had been with him since the beginning. Since that faithful day when he had failed to ...

"Tiberius, you seem troubled. Don't worry the Crusade is nearly complete. and then we will be redeemed... we will be Forgiven"

"I no Rapheal, I no."

"Do you remember that day Tiberius? The day where this all came to be..?"

"Like it was Yesterday Rapheal, it Haunts my dreams."

Turning quickly, Tiberius walked hurridly out of the command room of the Millenia old Battle Barge. He could not Bare to think about what had happened. He was but a young Marshall then. A young Irational fool.
His Battle Brothers had begun to try his patience, everywhere he went they were there. Saluting him, as if he was perfect, amazing, brilliant... it made him sick.

"Why couldn't I of been like them when i was younger? Then i wouldn't be on this crusade... Then I could help with the amassing orks near Medusa V".

"Honourable Marshall.. we have Located the Barge.. it's heading Towards the Eye"

"Follow them!"

He looked up to the alter in his dark, gloomy scroll ridden room. There stood candles in every conrner of the alter. The alter drapped in the finest of silks from the outer worlds. And there in the middle of the alter stood an amazing, glowing, ancient Thunder Hammer. The hammer he had dispatched so many of Traitors with. The hammer that would act vengeance on the ...

"... Tiberius you bare the mark, on that day you try so hard to forget. The Day you have for so long trapped in your mind. We had a connection...."

Tiberius awoke. A deep cold sweet tamed his body...

"Was it a dream? or was this something else?"

Standing Tiberius Clutched his Ancient Artifact and made for the command room. When he approached he was presented with the view of the barge, the enemy he had become to hate so much, the... the.. these abominations. Rapheal looked onwards staring at the incoming Barge. Not flinching. Breathing lightly. Never Faulting.

"Tiberius, you have awoken, We have been locked in combat for some hours now. Would you like me to Lead the Boarding Party?"

"You may Join me in the Boarding Party. But I will lead our brothers to Battle."

Both Marines turned and headed towards the Transport station. But Tiberius hung back. He had a throbbing pain in his head.

"...Tiberius... come to us... we know you can hear us...come to us."

Shaking it off as a mere weakness in resolve he strode to catch of with Rapheal. His Battle Brethren already embarking onto there vessels.

The battle would begin. . . but for how long could Tiberius fight off the . . .?

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