A pall of silence encompassed the city of Leudast. Nothing moved, save the fog, which drifted lazily about, as if uncaring about its surroundings. Dim shapes stood still in the fog. Hundreds of these were towering structures, yet even more were men of the 482nd Galswinth Planetary Defense Force. Both the structures and the men remained unmoving.

Slowly, a sound came to the ears of the guardsmen. Scrape....Scrape...It sounded like bones being ground on asphalt. Steady it came, like a vile tatoo straight from the warp. Scrape...Scrape...

Sweat beaded on Junior Officer Garim Edryde's brow and trickled down the side of his face. He brought a black clad hand up slowly, as if disturbing the calm would have horrific ramifications. He wiped the sweat away and dropped his hand. Scrape....Scrape....He could here it echoing inside his head. He was sure his men heard it too. He prayed to the Emperor that his men's courage did not break in the ensuing battle. The odds were with him, but still...A Vox Caster network could only embolden the men so much...

He surveyed the scene before him. 3 Infantry Platoon, two with lascannons and one with an autocannon, an Armoured Fist squad, and his Command Platoon. He hoped that this was enough to hold the Xenos threat in the fog. He had positioned his men in a crossroads near the outskirts of the city. The heavy weapons in each of the Infantry Platoons had wide firing arcs and commanded much of the crossroads. His chimera sat behind them, ready to react to any potential threats.

The scraping went on and on, and it got closer and closer. The fog took shape down at the end of the road. It was a huge shape, vaugely humanoid, but it had six arms. Two huge scythes trailed from a pair of arms and ground against the ground. Once it was out of the fog, it let out a hideous shriek and charged.

"Hold the line men!" shouted Edryde as the carnifex came crashing into the infantry platoon in point. The deep sound of an autocannon opening fire enveloped his words and drowned him out completely.

Edryde watched as the infantry platoons opened fire with their lasguns. Shots connected with the carnifex, but they didn't seem to phase it. He pulled out his own laspistol and added to the chaos. Thicker streams of laser slammed into the carnifex and nearby buildings.

The carnifex almost seemed to be dancing, scythes spining and tail lashing. Gaurdsmen were being thrown up against the buildings and smeared across the pavement. The autocannon tore holes in the carnifex's armor.

Edryde saw that one of the Infantry platoons was nearly demolished. The lascannon had long been forgotten as it's crew ran for their lives. The other lascannon crew stayed at their post and continued to try and bring the beast down.

The great scythed carnifex began to swing its talons in a blind rage and the lascannon nailed it right in its chest. It charged to the lascannon and cut it completely in half. The crew tried to run but were mowed down. The rest of the infantry platoon tried to shoot the beast but were cut down like weeds. Edryde saw the chimera roll to a stop behind the chimera and its hatches fly open. The Armoured Fist poured out and immeadiately began firing. One of the guardsmen leveled a flamer and the thing and let out a great gout of flame. The hideous thing shrieked and ravaged blindly. The flamer was caught in the chest and impacted thirty feet from where he last stood.

The multilaser on the chimera was firing shots at the carnifex, only inciting its rage. The great beast, still on fire, slashed at the chimera, rending it in two. Guardsmen fired their lasguns feebly at the carnifex. The deep thrum of the autocannon continued throughout the fight.

More and more of the autocannon's shots connected with the great beast, and finally, it seemed, the carnifex went down. It shrieked as it crashed with the ground and clawed in futility. The few remaining guardsmen continued to fire at the great hulk, and finally its death throes stopped. "Tell the men to be on alert. Where there's one bug, there's more. Alert High Command of this and tell them to mobilize the PDF," Edryde told his Master-Vox Caster.

"Yessir!" He replied and immeadiately went to work processing orders and commands.

"Frag..." Edryde swore under his breath, "It seems we are the hands of a splinter fleet."


This is my first attempt at writing fluff for my army. I know that a carnifex isn't that powerful, but a hive tyrant on its own doesn't seem that logical.