This is the fluff for my Dark Eldar army in a local league.

The Kabal of the Flayed Soul is 1250 points and the fluff incorporates the battles I have fought in the first week, 6 this week. My opponents and results where Crushing victory over Khornate chaos marines, Space marines twice (red and white painted), and Speed Freak Orcs; a very bloody draw against Black Templars; and a crushing defeat at the hands of the Iron Warriors.

If people like it I will post fluff for future battles as well.

It had been an interesting week, and as far as Archon Kul Velíkoth was concerned, a good one. It had started when his recently deceased predecessor Gulvek had brought the Kabal of the Flayed Soul to this Mon Keigh world with little explanation save that what they sought would bring the Kabal great fortune and prestige. It had been a small task to clear away a small band of red and white armored Mon Keigh marines from the site of the first objective. Everything almost fell apart though when those self righteous black armored Templarís came in and nearly destroyed/captured the ancient data disks that had just been uncovered. On the bright side their champion had managed to kill Gulvek when the Archonís shadow field failed to activate, something that had cost Velíkoth a small fortune in slaves and souls to bribe the haemonculi. But it had been worth it watching Gulvek fall from the safety of the trees surrounded by his Incubi. As a further bonus the thrice damned space marines had pulled back to lick their wounds and left the uncovered data disks behind in the wreckage of Gulvekís bike. Kul Velíkothís rule of the Flayed Souls was then cemented when they came under attack from a cult of khornate marines. Velíkoth had dealt with them quickly and ruthlessly, in a matter that left the kabal with many valuable slaves. Berserkers were highly sought after for the arena and would fetch a high price.

Later that week two new problems had arisen. The next objective lay on one of the planets moons directly underneath an area occupied by a cadre of Iron Warriors chaos marines. While he was pondering this dilemma his shipís sensors picked up the arrival of another Dark Eldar voidship bearing the markings of a rival kabal, the Blood Spiders. Thinking quickly he sent a coded signal to the ship which was received by one of the Spiderís Sybarites Vella díTal. Velíkoth had managed to turn her some years ago in return for promising her a position as his Dracon should he succeed in taking over the Flayed Souls. The message contained falsified information showing a large, lightly defended Moníkeigh settlement where the Iron Warriors were stationed. The Blood Spiders would be unable to verify this as Velíkoth had ordered all frequencies jammed. As planned the rival kabal made planet fall, but instead of finding a ripe fruit ready to be plucked they found a raving warp beast ready for the kill. The entrenched Iron Warriors made short work of the Blood Spiderís attack force, helped in no small part by díTal, as she had managed to sabotage both the Archonís agoniser and shadow field, as well as poison the prison powering the Talos. No Blood Spider escaped save Vella díTal and her Incubi escort, however the Spiderís had managed to fell the Iron Warriors demon prince commander. Leaderless the Iron Warriors withdrew from the moon to parts unknown.

While the battle raged on the planet below the Flayed Soulís where not idle. They used the opportunity to sneak up on and board the Blood Spiders voidship. After a short, bloody battle, punctuated by the news of the death of the Spiderís Archon. The shipís crew and all onboard and sworn fealty to Velíkoth and became part of the Kabal of the Flayed Souls.

After capturing the Blood Spiderís voidship and promoting Vella díTal to dracon, Archon Kul Velíkoth was once again confounded. The red and white marines had taken up positions where the Iron Warriors had been, undoubtedly after detecting the presence of Dark Eldar energy signatures. They were obviously seeking revenge for their early defeat and perhaps even to free the many brothers that had been taken alive. Wasting no time he ordered his troops mobilized and they made for the planet below. After a hard fought battle (it seemís that even Mon Keigh can learn) the wyches managed to clear the building located on top of the next objective, a data core. This new discovery did little to shed light onto what his predecessor was looking for and valued highly enough to mobilize the entire kabal.

The third objective was located under a ork encampment back on the planet. These orks had an affinity for vehicles, but otherwise where as predictable as other orks. With ruthless efficiency he laid a trap and pulled the orks in. In short order the entirety of the ork warband had been either dispatched or enslaved. The only snag being the loss of his Reaver jetbike to one of the massive or knobs. He was loath to admit it, but for the proximity of dítal and her incubi he might not have survived the encounter. One bright spot was when the wyches managed to overcome and capture the orks massive warboss. This specimen alone should be enough to settle his dept with the haemonculi for their earlier ďassistance.Ē After the battle the ork camp was quickly excavated and the objective removed, a massive wraithbone cube.

All in all it had been a extremely good week for Velíkoth. He had risen to his rightful place over the Flayed Souls, removed a rival Archon and captured his kabal, and he was that much closer to discovering what he was sure was something of incredible value. One wonders what the next week will bringÖ..