Here's some fluff for my Ork army, Da Bunka Busta Boyz. Enjoy.

(I'd really apreciate if someone really read the whole story and commented on it.)

Part 1

Warboss Gorbad Powerklaw surveyed the Imperial city from a window of his command building. The once great and sprawling city had now been reduced to ruins by the ferocity of Gorbadís forces, the Bunka Busta Boyz. Imperial defences were caught unvigilant and unprepared for such a well-planned invasion executed by the Orks. The local Imperial officers had always regarded Orks as too blunt and simple to conduct very intricate and cunning plans but they found out that Gorbadís Boyz were not normal Orks. Too bad they found out that way too late.

Gorbadís command building was located in the western city outskirts. It was a tall, fortified structure previously used as a barrack for the city defence forces. The Imperial Eagle above the entrance had been replaced with an impressive dog tooth piece, and some Boyz were ordered to guard the entrance. The grey, rather boring building now acted as Gorbadís palace.

- Da uumies gotsa stronglee manned bunka 'ere, on da uvver side o' this bridge. Weeb need ter take it if weez ter proceeded ter da eastern side o' da riva, said Kommando Nob Slygit, tapping his gnarled forefinger on a marked spot on the city map. Slygit was in charge of the Kommandos who sneaked to the city wall and silenced the sentries before Gorbadís main force could storm the city itself, Gorbad leading the assault. Slygit was an experienced cityfighter and knew well how to make the best use of the cover provided by city ruins and rabble. He was armed with a crude yet fearsome machine gun and carried the shrunken skulls of slain enemies with him. Even Gorbad had deep respect on him.

Gorbad ended his daydreaming in the window and walked to the map table. Even without his fearsome power klaw or horned helmet on him, he was an impressive figure. A lot taller than the regular Boyz of his army, Gorbad was a hulking monster compared to the weedy Guardsmen he so passionately fought. He could eat a Guardsman for breakfast, according to his own words, which nobody would deny in the fear of loosing a tooth or two. Although he clearly was a very tough fighter, he also possessed two very uncommon traits for an Ork: he was very patient and less temperamental (for an Ork) and sneaky and tactically abled (for an Ork)
-Weeb need ter brin' da big gunz on this side o' da bridge an bombard da bunka furst. Weeb already ab lotsa Boyz scrappin dim nord o' da bridge in da city centre, an they cannot defend twuu strongpoints properlee at da same time. Weeb need da bigg gun ter scare da uumies off da bunka an yer Boyz need ter silenns da bolta posts on da riverbanks. They are causin' trubble ter our movemunt in da city; ya need ter take dim owt. Kan meeb trust ya on this mission, asked Gorbad, turning his eyes from the map on to the gnarled kommando. Ė Ya kan bet on it, replied Slygit with a sneaky grin on his face.

Elsewhere, far from the safety of the fortified command building, the Imperial defenders had reached the upper hand in the fight for the city centre. In the remarkably intact marketplace, around the statue of some renowned Space Marine, Commissar Faust led the counter-offensive against the Orks. Guardsmen were more numerous, which would not have been such a big issue otherwise, but they were also greatly heartened by the presence of their Commissar. Commissar Faust was both greatly respected and feared by his men, some treacherously cowardly Guardsmen attempting to escape the battle would soon meat their being shot by Faust. He was a zealous subject to the Emperor, and could not stand the humiliation of losing the city to the pesky green xenos.

-Let them have it men! Once again, a fusillade of lasguns was fired on the relentless Ork forces approaching the marketplace from the west. Despite some casualties and severe injuries, the Boyz carried on with their ferocious advance on the grey floor of the city centre, shouting feral battle -cries and eagerly blasting away with their crude pistols. As they attempted to reach the well-built barricade and the humans safely hiding behind it, they got more and more casualties on the way, and were finally disheartened by severe casualties and lost comrades. The Orky assault turned to a full-scale retreat but Nob Arkaz decided to flee with style and safe his face in front of his Boyz. Ė Ya ab nub seun da last o' meeb yet, pink skins, shouted Arkaz to the Guardsmen behind him. He would come back, eventually, both he and Commissar Faust new that. Now it was the time to man the nearby buildings and bring some support guns to the area, not to pursue the enemy to their own territory. Some of Faustís men had been slain by the Orksí machine gun fire but the barricade saved most. The most severe and shocking casualty to Faust was the single bullet hole in his impressive hat of Commissarís office. The bullet had flown only a few millimetres off his left ear. Faust now gently grasped his hat and examined the damage. Lifting his eyes from his hat, he gazed to the direction of the Ork retreat.
- That Ork is so going to pay.

Part 2

Gorbad was mad with rage. The Imperials had bested his own boys in their game. He had lost the fight for a tactically important site in the city and lost an unhealthy amount of his forces in the skirmish. But worst of all, Arkaz had let him down. He had led his boys to a full retreat from the puny flashlights those pink skins call lasguns!

- There woz too many uumies. Weeb cud nub ab reacheded dim before they wuud ab shot us down. Gorbad and all the Nobs in the command room knew that was an excuse. Excuse for cowardice. Gorbad was not particularly fond on cowards. - Too many, eh? Ow dair ya calls yourself an Ork! A propa Ork runs fasta if there seems ter be 'too many uumies' ter git ter scrap dim in close fightin! Too many uumies... Da silliest excuse me've ebur 'eard, replied Gorbad to his wretched Nob, waving his head back and forth in a gesture of disappointment. -Slygit! Yer team jus' got a nyoo memba. Slygit was quick to reply. -Wot!?! Y'knowz meeb can't risk ter take 'im wif meeb! Da mission iz too danjerus fer.. Ok. Meeb got it... Slygit had always been Gorbadís favourite Nob, ever so clever and smart, yet immensely brutal and fearsome if needed. Just like Warboss himself. Once again a devilish smile rouse on the face of the gnarled Kommando. It was Gorbadís trademark way of getting rid of useless or disappointing members of his army. Send them to a mission with no coming back. And even if Arkaz would survive the mission, accidents could always happen.

It was time for Arkaz to get mad. He did not dare to say anything in front of the group of Nobz and the Warboss but his face was soon as red of anger as the trukks of the Speed Freeks. Gorbad turned away from the standing at the door and gazed again on the city map. - This mission iz yer chanz ter regain yer 'onour, boy. Use it well. Nows go an git sum geer fer da job. For a moment Arkaz considered attacking his boss. He had his trusty, battle-prowen choppa in his hand and Gorbad was unarmoured and facing another direction. Before Arkaz had time to decide whether to attack or not, Slygit grabbed his arm and started walking him off the command room. - Meeb kan tromp myself, shouted Arkaz to Slygit, who released him from his grip. - An ya seem ter be very fond on scurryin'. The joke made the whole command room laugh, except poor Arkaz that is. He started planning his escape right away.

Slygit, his Kommandos and their newest recruit walked outside from Gorbadís palace. It was getting dark, dusk was falling over the ruined city. As they walked to the Orksí ammunition warehouse in the same street where Gorbadís palace and command building was located, they could see bright flashes of light somewhere far away. - Krom'z boys are still scrappin in da nordern part o' city. Weeb cannot lose our control ober dat area. 'Ope they giv da uumies a gud scrap, said Slygit. Unloik meeb, thought Arkaz, a gesture of bitterness and disappointment rising to his green face.

The ammunition warehouse was previously used as vehicle storagement building for the Imperial forces. Thus capturing it gave the Orks some sorely needed heavy support vehicles. They were not yet put to use, Gorbad had said that they would only be used when the need is most dire. Some Orks were currently trying to learn how to crew the vehicles and could ride them into battle when needed. Having a battle tank or two was an important asset to Gorbad. Enemy had some vehicles of their own but Orksí only heavy support where the Grot-crewed artillery, and even they were not numerous.

- Take this bolta an theyz stikkbomz. Ya kan neva be sur wot comz in yer way, weeb may need dem anti-tank stikkbomz, said Slygit and handed the weapons over to Arkaz from the ammo boxes and weapon closets. Despite crude, the Orksí weapons were numerous and effective enough to nail Guardsmen dead. Everywhere you looked in the warehouse you could see ammo boxes and weapon closets full of gear ranging from pistols to rocket launchers, from grenades to flamethrowers. After equipping Arkaz for the mission, the Kommandos head back to the command buidling for a briefing around the city map.

- Y'knowz da mission: silenns da shoota posts. Da posts are marked on this map by theyz dots: 'ere, 'ere an 'ere. Weeb need da kills da uumies in da posts wivvout raisin' an alarm. Meeb suggest Arkaz givz us coverin' fire if needed an stays behind. But meeb need sumone ter watch ee doesn't ru fer it. Me'll dtay wif 'im in da back. Meeb guess ya kan 'andle this routine mission on yer own, boys. Routine mission? Arkaz was worried and scared half-dead when he heard heís going with the Kommandos. And they think itís a routine missionÖ? - Weeb godda cross da riva by swimmin' ober 'ere. It az da smallest amount o' guards on da shore. It shouldn't be too 'ard ter kills dim wivvout too much noiz. At his part, Arkaz started shaking a bit. The cool-headed Kommandos noticed this and Slygit turned his face to the new recruit: - Yer 'appy ter stay behind. But if ya start cryin' there meeb may godda silenns ya too. If weeb make a single mistake it will blow up da whole plan. If weeb keep our minds cool an finish da job wivvout 'esitation, s'all gud. But if sumthing raisz an alarm there, weez awl dead meat. Ya too, Arkaz. Eben ya can't leggit dat fast ter git away. Arkaz would have to just trust the Kommandos to do their job and stay behind giving covering fire if needed. But Arkaz had other plans. No way would he tolerate such behaviour from his peers. After all, Slygit was a Nob like Arkaz. Arkaz himself knew how cowardly he had acted in the marketplace earlier the day, but it was not something unbearable or unforgivable.

Elsewhere, far from the command buidling of the Orks, a heavily armoured figure entered Commissar Faustís office.
- The Astartes will take it from here.

Part 3

- What?!? I have not been informed of your coming, Space Marine. The Guardsmen can handle this fight well on their own, said Commissar Faust with a heavily scornful voice. Ė Besides, have you not heard about knocking? Donít they teach those things in your fancy training and genetic alteration? The Space Marine walked closer to Faustís office table and put his hands on the desk, lowering his head to his level and said: - Youíre a bit too talkative considering your position, Commissar. If this was a different situation, I would squeeze your tiny Cadian head with my power fist but I need you. Your men trust in you and have faith in you. I will take the upper command here but you shall command the Guardsmen like you have before. After all, we need some cannon fodder, said the Space Marine Commander with a loathsomely arrogant voice, walking to the officeís door. Turning his gaze at the blushing Commissar, he said: - Somebody needs to take control of the situation. Gorbad Powerklaw will be taken down by the Ultramarines. Faust watched the blue-armoured hulk leave the room. No, Faust would be the one to take glory of slaying the beast. Those arrogant Space Marines think they are better than proper Guardsmen! Taking his power sword and plasma pistol from his weapon cabinet, Faust headed out from the army headquarters building. Then the grim figure clad in pitch-black leather jacket and wearing the impressive hat of office entered the barracks near the command building under the darkening skies. Those buildings were quite like all the buildings in the city, not differing much from the boring grey buildings evacuated from civilians as soon as the city fight started a few days ago. Faust had been there since the beginning, and he would be there to see the end by his own hands.

- Put yer bolta in this bag so it will nub git wet as weeb cross da riva, whispered Slygit to Arkaz on the western riverbank. It was very dark now; only the sentry lights on both sides lighted the dark night sky. It had been a rather calm day in the ruined city of Damascus IV, the situation in the city pretty much like a stalemate. Orks led by Nob Krom had been victorious and driven the Guardsmen away from the bunkers in the northern part of the city whilst Arkaz had lost in the marketplace. Both sides were licking their wounds but Orks were to execute an important and risky operation, Operashun Silenns Da Shoota Posts (Orks are not known for their originality).

Now the squad was ready roll. Following their Nobís example, the Kommandos and their reluctant recruit quietly stepped into the water and started swimming for the other side. They had to slow themselves to Arkazís speed but finally managed to rise on the opposite riverbank without raising an alarm. The first post was only a rock throw away from them. At this point Arkaz was really getting scared. He knew he had to leg it now or die. Even if the die-hard Kommandos managed to fulfil the mission, he would still be killed on a dark alley, his death then explained as an accident to Gorbad and his Nobz, who knew very well what had really happened.

As the other squad started slowly opening their waterproof bags, took their guns off them, and then loaded magazines to them, Arkaz knew it was now or never. He stayed at the shallow beach water with Slygit, with both of them ready to act when needed. Arkaz, however, decided to act in a rather disastrous fashion. Just when the Kommandos closed in on the first gun post, cunningly sneaking in complete silence, Arkaz swiftly turned his machine gun at the gnarled veteran Kommando and opened fire. Slygit, although being a very experienced Nob was fully concentrated on his boysí actions when he should have watched for Arkaz. That little moment of carelessness turned to be the doom of the mission. The noise of course alarmed the nearest gunners to action and all the sneaking Kommandos were slain by concentrated fire. Arkaz started swimming for the other side, and despite the gun post attempts to nail the last Kommando dead in the water, the now fugitive Arkaz managed to leg it and reach the other side of the river.

Upon rising to the other side, Arkaz was exhausted. His breathing was very heavy after swimming for his life in the river. Now he was a fugitive. He would be killed if he went anywhere near the Ork base. Little did Arkaz know that greedy eyes gazed upon him from the darkness. Arkaz had not even lifted his head up after rising form the river in exhaustion and did not see the black-clad figure coming in the darkness of the night. Ė You know it is no good to walk alone in the dark. Just when Arkaz lifted his head, it was literally grilled in a fantastic plasma flash.

- Wot was DAT?!? Gorbad saw the bright light in the shore. All his Nobz rushed to the windows of the command building. - Are da uumies addackin'? At nite? - It seems so. Looked loike wona da fancy uumie plasma shootaz. Awl roight boys, looks loike weeb gotsa scrap upon ourselvz! Grang, fetch meeb mi 'elmet, powa claw an pistol. The Nob replied with a short grunt, picked the Warbossís items from the table, and clad him in his helmet and claw. The Warboss always looked fearsome, and when clad in his full gear, he was even more scary and majestic. - Let'z roll boys. Ter da shore! And off they went.

When they ran outside the command building the Orks could clearly here the sound of the approaching enemy. There were a lot more enemies than they had suspected. It seemed all the Guardsmen were now marching on Gorbadís palace. They had overrun Ork sentries and gained new courage to siege Gorbadís command building. Gorbad and his Nobz however continued their advance in the Ork base. They would meet the threat head on. They were not alone in the base; many boys had come from the nearby buildings. The base was lighted up so Gorbad could see who was marching against him. - Faust ya lil' maggot! Cumz closa an me'll snik yor 'ed off!

Part 4
The Ork base was now a scene for the ultimate fight for power. All the Guardsmen in the city were there, eagerly fighting in the name of city and their ruthless Commissar Faust. Faust had no hard time convincing his men to a last attack on the Ork base when the Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter had come and replaced the Guardsmenís position as the main battle force in the city. Captain Augustus had set up a base off the office and headquarters of Faust and did not know about the daring assault the petty Commissar had unleashed in the night. Orks had kept their strong control over the city due to the lack of courage and good strategy from the Imperial side. The city defences were daunted by the well-planned and executed invasion and were quite unsure about what exactly to do as the forces of the green monster ravaged the ruined city. Know the zealous and proud Faust had succeeded to raise his men to a fight of the ultimate control over the area.

More and more combatants joined the fight. Orks put the looted vehicles to use and although they were quite clumsy in the tight-packed city fight, they were well armed and armoured to plough through the ranks of the brave Guardsmen and give cover to the footslogging boys. Eventually, when the fight turned to an end, all the vehicles had been blown up by Imperial anti-tank but before that they had been very devastating feature in Gorbadís army.

In the midst of the fighting, Gorbad hacked and slashed around with ferocious fervour. He himself was seen leading the boys in the centre, charging Guardsmen too puny to come to close combat with the Orks, letting his fully customized pistol sing itís song of death as he once again charged the enemy. Where Gorbad was seen there the moral of the Guardsmen fell as they saw their comrades so easily cut to pieces by the monsterís great power klaw. For a moment, it looked as if the outnumbered Orks would gain the upper hand in the fight for the city. Faust decided to show some example for his cowardly men and searched for Gorbad in the middle of the carnage, attempting to slay the Warboss and end the city fight for the last time.

Gorbad was not very hard to find, being a head taller than his army was. With a prayer to the Emperor on his lips, pistol and sword in his hands, Faust assaulted the Ork leader. He managed to hit his nemesis with his plasma pistol, and although it did hit Gorbad and badly hurt him in his right arm, the most profound effect for the Commissar was that now the enemy was even more ferocious and mad! - Arghh! Faust? Finaley meeb git a chanz ter snik ya down myself! WAAAAGH!!! The two leaders charged together in an epic fight of a Warboss versus Commissar. Faust fought remarkably well for a human and despite all his strength and ferocity, it took quite a while for Gorbad to finally give the killing blow to his adversary. - Ya scrap well fer a uumie. But nows s'time f'yaz ter die, shouted Gorbad, squeezing Faustís head in his mighty power klaw after a game of toe-to-toe with the Commissar, forcing his opponent to back off from him. With a clean move, Gorbad cut Faustís head off and put his head inot a trophy case of most valuable kills.

It still was not over for Gorbad. More and more lasgun shots were fired on his forces, more and more Guardsmen flocking the Ork base. No matter how many Gorbad or his boys killed, there were always fresh combatants to replace their fallen brothers-in-arms. The fight continued.

Once again Gorbad led the charge. He and his badly outnumbered boys attempted to scare the Guardsmen with a feral scream of Waaagh! and a furious assault. They clobbered many humans in close combat and for some time it looked as if the humans would finally be driven back from the besieged Ork base. Indeed the enemy did fall back in front of the bestial fury, but only to load their guns and unleash another salvo of las fire on the Orks. As the morning sun began to rise at dawn, another bad news besides heavy casualties worried Gorbad and his ever-reducing war band. Blue-armoured Space Marines appeared behind the countless Guardsmen, pushing the lesser men from their way to counter the xenos group themselves and end the battle right away.

As the Ultramarines arrived at the battlefield blasting their bolters at the Orks, Gorbadís Nobs ran to their boss, trying to persuade him to leave the city. - Weeb can't win da uumies, weeb ab lost this baddle an this city. If weeb go nows weeb gotsa gud chanz o' gerrin away from this ruined city an da uumies. The fight had been lost, the Orks were outnumbered at least two to one. It seemed that the Imperialís had countless numbers of soldiers to curb the Ork threat and it was impossible for Gorbad to take full control of the city. Around him, Gorbad could see his boys desperately fighting and taking numerous enemies down before their own death but even in his pride, Gorbad knew he had lost. For a moment, he hesitated but finally decided to win his pride and flee. It was better to run now and come back again someday than die fighting with no chances to survive. His Nobs and boys still supported him; after all, they where the ones who wanted to flee in the first place! Gorbad would still be a Warboss, but he would take years to unleash such an army he had lead to storm this city.

Gorbad and his Nobs ran for the bikes in the garage of the Ork base. They were nice and red, and fast and loud as hell. They had not been put to use previously, but know they would play an important role. Riding outside the garage with his loyal Nobs and the few surviving boys, Gorbad shouted his announcement to the enemy force in the base before boosting away from the city: Ya won this time but me'll be back sumday! Wen ya ab rebuilt this city me'll be back ter take it! So long, uumies!