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    Dark Angels Conspiracy Theories

    hi guys found this on wiki pedia today while looking at the dark angels stff thought it might be interesting

    "Games Workshop has in recent years restricted the information about the Dark Angels to emphasize the mystery surrounding the chapter. The fate of Lion El'Jonson had been purposefully left out of all texts since the early 1990s, and only re-emerged in the 2001 "Index Astartes" article published in White Dwarf Magazine. While the Inner Circle know of Luther's stasis cell, there is another chamber at the very heart of the Rock that is unknown to all but the Watchers in the Dark and, possibly, the Emperor himself. This secret chamber contains the sleeping form of Lion 'El Jonson. Similarly, information regarding the Chaos Space Marines character Cypher, rumoured to be foremost of the Fallen, is kept vague to further fuel players' imaginations." FROM WIKIPEDIA
    and what are the watchers in the dark and their purpose.

    What do you think?

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    yeah, so? I've seen it and it must of been done by a an old DA fluff nut.

    *looks at everyone who answers fluff questions*

    and they are a secretive chapter that's biggest secret is they where SoB bathrobes

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