OK so i am not that good at making story's/fluff but decided to try it, As you can tell once you read it i am not that good at spelling as i am dyslexic, So here you go C+C welcome, i will change some of it as this a quick try and well done very quickly
Sorry about the font/size i just pasted the story in and the page has ade it go funny...
The Death of a Chapter recruits to a legion

He stood their, looking out over the batlle worn land searching And woundering how it has come to this, Fighting my battle brothers,
"I can remember it was a long time ago, it was not like this I was not like this............."
On the planet Ta'ble V there was a
fortress with great wall and lush vegitation were the Space marine chapter Crimsion Knights called home. Until the skys turned black And the growned begain to crack and burn with the sound of a Waaagh!
Illidan cryed one of his battle brothers the Orks are drawing closer, we cant hold them back,
Lllidan with a feared cry shouted " Death to the Alien"! loaded his Bolter and powering up his power fist. Running for the closested ork to kill in the name of the Emperor.
Weeks turned to months, months turned to years The Crimsion Knights were still trying to hold there growned, hoping for some help from there beloved Emperor.
No help came the Chapter has taken loads of deaths. The faith of the Emperor in Lllidan was leaving him.
Voices begain to talk to him "come to me, I will give you power"
"Commander Lllian what shall we do?"
"Fall back to the ships", Lllian cryed in anger There is no hope.
The Orks have won the Planet in a mass of blood and death,

Once in space Lllian searched for a new place going deeper and deeper into space not noting were to go,
The voices were geting stronger
"You are one of my Children, Come to me"
Lllian replyed "Who are you why are you talking to me?"
the voice replyed "Remeber what the Emperor done to you left you to die on your own home planet, not giving a toss of what you have done for his name...But I will great all of the blood you spill with open arms even if it is anoughter Battle brother"
Lllian repleyed "Heresy!"
The voice replyed with a soft voice " No remember the Emperor left your Chapter to die thats Heresy"

With this Lllian took the remaining Chapter to war against othere Battle brothers, Spilling there blood for fun and anger, crying out with every kill, If you helped use you would not feal this pain!
With each kill the Voice cryed out for more! "give me more!, spill there blood!"
Lllian went deeper into space till he found a Planet glowing in the darkness
llian sent a message to the planet asking to land.
A reply came back "yes you may we have herd about you Lllian"
With this the battle cruser entered the plant the first thing they saw was
a massieve fortress the size of NY dominates one of the large mountain areas. And one the largets flat plateau the race have constrcuted a huge landing site, large enough for grandcruisers and battleships to land.
There are also smaller fortresses as well and these are all linked by a massieve network of armoured trains.
Once the battle ship landed and Lllian begain to leave the ship he was serounded by hundreds of Space marines and a tall dark figer walking to wards him
"Wellcome to my wold Lllian" spoke the figer, I am Commander Dreachon of the Iron warriors legion. I herd that the Emperor left you to die in the hands of the Orks.....
Join me and i will give you all the power you need, To bring death to the Emperor All you have to do is give up your Chapter name and take on mine!
The vocie in Lllians head replyed "welcome to your new home"
With this Lllian repled i will serve you.......