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    Kabal of the Black Fang (DE fluff)

    This is basically some stuff I have written for my Dark Eldar force, named Kabal of the Black Fang, when getting a Dark Eldar army I was most interested in the style of the force, but when it came to writing fluff I found myself struggling to get anything that I liked, and I wanted the force to lead by a woman for a change, since all my other armies had male leaders leading their forces, which made the struggle to write fluff even more harder. Anyway.. The plot I eventually came up was this:

    Over-view: The rise to power was like as though none had seen when they saw the quick upcoming of Saybriana, once but a Sybarite following under the heel of the decadence Archon Ravnos, it was on the planet of Basquit III, when the Archon lead his forces to the lesser areas upon where the defense of the Imperium was at its weakest to take more captives to toy with at their leisure yet upon this planet, it would be the end of the Archon and then end to everything that he claimed through his existence, what happened upon the planet is not too known yet but one warrior returned.. Stronger, within a matter of days, the time had come as the power of her cause seemed to rally a certain degree of power within a matter of moments, as she rose higher and higher by each raid, her thoughts only became more and more random, slaughtering those who had only just gained their place to her cause with no reason.

    While the Dracon Saybriana and the Kabal of the Black Fang rise higher points authority within the place of Commorrah, they only draw themselves in becoming more of a pawn under the greater plot that Tzeentch wishes to send them.


    The smoke of the battlefield rose within the air, it was amazing by the sight of what remained, as the thick smog only rose higher, the clouds floating so elegantly, the question that may arise that why would such a thing be so amazing? And the only answer that would draw to mind that through the utmost destruction there is some elegance to be seen, but within the eyes of those that had lost this was no battlefield, only but a swiftly and relentless extermination. Her head rose from the ground as her green eyes unveiled themselves from behind that of her own eyes lids, she started around the landscape only to have her vision blocked by the burning wreckage that surrounded all sides of her.

    There was heat; no doubly it was now day as the two suns above where burning above her, and alternately it was but the heat from the burning vehicles. No. She could sense it within side of her own mind; she knew it to be true. Within a matter of seconds, she did what but came naturally to all races within the galaxy, to push themselves onwards from the decay of death, for no simple reason than to survive, she remembered only but to clearly the last sight that she knew to be true within her mind, it was night, she could remember the feeling of the air against her as the stood upon the side of the raider as they swooped onwards towards an inspecting enemy.

    The pathetic mon-keigh upon this planet no longer had communication between their camps, their communications was but the first thing that they had targeted through their time upon this planet, since then it was but only a matter of easy pickings, the lord had commanded the mandrakes to watch their encampments, to watch the mortals moves ensuring that they could not draw a way through gaining communications and to simply slay anyone who managed to draw a threat to the discretion of their wicked raids, the camps only relied on flares to communicate, within the darkness of night the flare was sent within the sky, we but saw this as a moment of weakness, to only take advantage of their distraction, only but to quickly swipe in at full pace to capture all who lay within their wake and leave within the darkness once again. But this was not the case, perhaps there was a bigger threat that the lord had assumed, perhaps it was but a trap by the insidious mon-keigh. None the less her dead kin had paid the price for the lord’s foolishness, none the less; he had paid for his own foolishness.

    Her hands touched the side of one of the raiders, as her hand slide across its shape design as she moved closer and closer out of the destruction, her eyes gazed to the floor as she saw the constant gathering of her kin upon the rubble, she felt no guilt towards those who had suffered through her foolish leaders decision, it was not but her guilt to bare, she had made no foolish move, she was only but blessed, perhaps blessed by fate as to live for another day to indulge within the excess of darkened way of the Eldar.
    She swiftly found herself out of the range of the smoke as the smell of the natural air once again filled her lungs as she instinctively checked her surroundings, her senses served her well, the two suns raged above fiercely, no doubt perhaps the sun felt no justice towards the events that had happened towards her company. She doubted such a thing to be true, the suns only raged above only but in a feeble attempt to burn her and slay the only survivor that remained, she assured herself that the sun would not succeed with its intentions; she would more than willingly prove them wrong.

    Her eyes instantly looked towards the unveiled veins upon her arms, they shown themselves clearly through the skin as though the strong shade of a twisted green. It was the combat drugs that had kicked into her system, naturally intoxicating the sanity of her own thoughts. Within a moment she reached towards the drug dispenser at her side.. Broken as it continued to pump more and more of the destructive substance into her veins, she started to feel them burn as though they were on fire, with paranoia conquering her every thought she tore the tube went into her vessels as her eyes started to flicker from side to side as she felt the itching from within her skin from the eyes, the eyes? Yes the eyes, the eyes that where watching her every move, her hand reached down towards her blade, it bore a thousand poisons blessed upon its sharpened blade. Each second of consciousness was only but replaced with a thousand whispers of paranoia.

    Surrounded by the trees it did nothing to ease her comfort, she was venerable from all sides, she could sense it, her senses had drawn her this far, she would not forsake them so easily, yet her senses where split in two from the drug, one told her firmly that it was but the drugs that had been pumped within her system yet the others seemed much more truthful, something had done what had happened, no doubt it was out to strike her down too. They know. They most know, why wouldn’t they? They waited for her behind every corner. It was not but logic but simple fact. She cursed herself from not hiding herself from the start, instead she blundered out into the open with no awareness for her surroundings.

    Her eyes struck backwards within a instance as her ears deceived her as she heard the rustling of the trees behind her, her sword darting within the direction as it cut through nothing but the air, another sound, this time a distance towards her side, she lashed out once again, striking at a plant, shredding its stalk but nothing more considerable than that, sounds no longer mattered as her mind only drawn itself to simply to her own psychotic thoughts, constantly lashing only but to comfort her mind that she was safe, moving with swift perfection, looking more of a simple dance than an actual attempt to defend herself yet it was both.

    She struck once again as she sensed a true enemy moving, without hesitation she moved swiftly as she lashed out, not caring upon who it truly was, her blade shredded through it like a knife through butter its existence instantly exploded as her blade tore broken its stability from the real world and back into the vile warp where it had spawned itself from, yet another strike as she tore through another one of the creatures once again fading into nothingness. She had no consideration as towards where or how the creatures had managed to draw themselves so close towards her side or even what exactly these creatures where.

    Her darkened green eyes caught sight of one as it approached, a twisted daemon, its very essence of its life made her stomach turn in ways that she had never imagined, the only solution that drawn herself to deal with such a creature, to end it. It let out a continuous and unending line of noises of gurgling as its form continued to evolve as she simply watched it exist within the material universe, its mass of arms forever changing each second as its slugged forward, its mouth opening widely showing its unnatural form giving a clear view of its innards, a continuous amount of teeth, each on different rows, within a matter of a second from nowhere, the daemon let out a power storm of warp fire into the air, its purple essence seemed to be as appealing as it was deadly, she leapt within the air as she moved out of the way of the flame, coating herself with her cloak that hung from upon her back before twisting as her blade broken the essence of the daemon as its form instantly broken down into nothing. ‘..Impressive..’ Spoke a casual voice, she noticed within an instance that it was not of her own, the voice was well spoken, nor darkened nor that of light, as though joyful or truly impressed with the act that she had just committed, she held not herself back from seeking out the voice as she opened her eyes back towards the surroundings, seeking like an falcon within the sky for her newly found target.

    She had naught to seek far as he lay but only in front of her eyes, his form spoke for itself, he had no requirement to say that he was but a stronger being than the daemons that she had just laid waste to within a matter of a few strikes of her sword, he lay almost as casually as he sounded, his body resting upon a slopping rock, rich with the planet’s natural fungus, she taken a few steps forward, she could sense herself gripping the handle of her sword through each step that she made to approach the daemon, her eyes looked on more clearly towards the daemon taking more attention within its form.

    The daemon’s eyes looked back at her with calming ease, she could sense that this daemon had no intention of striking yet she knew her own intentions where much different. She noticed its form forever changing each send of its existence, each moment it simply laid upon the rock its skin would evolve or change itself, its hands would change, from talons, to claws, to hands. Its flesh also changed, for one second its flesh would be scales, then feathers, then natural skin, then fur. A smile rose upon its face as it could tell upon what she had noticed of its existence. ‘You have questions upon what truly I am yet a few I shall answer, others I shall not. Indeed it was I that arranged upon the destruction of your party, if you may call it as much, but I shall say that it was not fate alone that has arranged for the meaning of your survival from such destruction, but merely the blessings of a higher... Being.’

    Her face seemed to melt for a moment into its more natural form, a sign that the daemons words did nothing to please her, yet only drawn it to be more of a threat or a simple statement of superiority none of which seemed to increase the happiness within her mood, even with her face starting to fall as she started to raise more obvious anger through her features and her stance, the daemonic grin upon the daemon did not seem to die, from the eyes of the Eldar all it did was seem to increase the grin. ‘You have no need to point out your feelings or intentions, I know them already, I have seen the path of the past on which you have followed, I have seen the path that lies ahead and you may only take three, those two paths draw to a multitude of different possibilities, a few lead towards a greater future, one of glory and what your kind appreciate most of all.. Power...’

    The daemon looked towards the Eldar once again at her eyes, nothing had altered with the words he had spoken, there was no need to please the mood of the Darkened Eldar Sybarite, when the paths of the future lie upon the side there is nothing that cannot be achieved. ‘..The other paths do not seem to bold so well for your existence within this galaxy... Yet I already acknowledge that the words that I speak have no impact on you.. Perhaps it is has drawn to the time upon where I shall show you..’ The world around her, the situation died as the scope of Darkness consumed her sight, the lights started to rise once again, no longer the brightness of the suns above yet the dim lights of the arena... As the seconds that past, the vision only became clearer, as she saw herself sat upon the throne of her former leader, her palms wrapped around the handles as she watched with indulgent eyes the fighting below.

    Below within the Arena lay one single Wych as he danced with eternal grace, each moment bringing down yet another one of his foes, maliciously hungry Tyranid Genestealers as they continued to swipe their claws out at the Wych, each desperate strike only dodged by the fast pace of the warrior, the strikes drawing so close that only touched his darkened black hair.. Until the time on which they existed no more.. Only but the Wych as he fell from the sky, his knee’s hitting the harsh sandy floor of the arena, his placid green eyes looking up at her as she felt her cheeks rise into a grin as she rose her thumb downwards as yet more Tyranids poured out the gates.. The crowd cheered in a carnivorous roar to her judgment, she enjoyed each moment of it, the power that lied upon her shoulders, the death that she could inflict with a simple action of movement.

    Her eyes broken from the vision as though the Daemon only wished to give her put a simple taste of a possible future, once again the darkness shown itself as it started to conjure yet another possible element of the future, this time she had returned, back the wreckage and destruction of her company, before her lay the daemon still he remained sat upon the rock as his insidious smile held itself up strongly as though he had but won her favor, she felt her stomach only turn by the sight, only wicked images to deceive her own judgment, within a moment, she heralded the assistance of her weapon once again as she struck out at the daemon, she heard the daemon sigh, only but a gesture of his hand as she fell the ground, she stared towards her legs as they constantly evolved and changed, within an instant, she felt her body change, her legs changing each second leaving her in agony, her body killing itself.

    She looked up at the daemon as looked back, no longer a grin, no longer any form of emotion laid evidenced upon his face as he watched her suffer for her mis-judgment, she rose her arm towards him as it twisted and turned itself into a talon, then into a form of vine, her body struggling to cope with the destruction as it changed herself to death, she let out a cry of mercy as the powers of the warp destroyed her existence. The feet of Tzeentch do not courteously move out of the way of those who would oppose his will, either follow our path, or crushed under the power that he carries.

    Her sight returned her as she found herself within the position that she had before the vision, her eyes instantly without thinking looked towards her body to simply check the reality that she was in before raising her attention towards the daemon once again, its grin was there still, it was but the only element of him that did not evolve every second ‘What say you, Sybarite Saybriana? What path of fate shall you entrust with the sight that I have handed? Would you follow in the feet of the changer of ways? Or trust in your blade to defend you’re from inevitable death?’ The daemon’s grin somehow rose more than before as within the matter of the pause that occurred, that the daemon had already seen upon what choice that had been made by his pawn, he stretched out his hands towards the Eldar, the paths where clear, death or a higher path of power and dominance. She reached her hands as it met with a daemon as the birth of Kabal of the Black Fang started with the touch of their hands and yet another malicious alliance had brought itself about.

    ) C+C welcome )

    Tau Force:

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    Be warned, you know you now tread on the Path of the Lost... Be wary dark one, for the fall into the embrace of She Who Thirsts is inevitable, only to be delayed by one's strife for fresh souls to replenish their own life essence... Serve the Kabal well Dracon, for another may step forward to challenge your rule, such is the way of the Dark Eldar...

    But seriously, nice job! Captiving screenplay!
    What do Khorne Berzerkers say to Necrons after chopping some of their bits off? "BLOOD FOR... Eh? Come on! You just take the fun out of it... Scream! Yell! Awww... not even a trace of guts..." *sniffles and kicks dirt*

    "You can go far with a smile. You can go even further with a smile and a gun"

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