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    Warboss's story part1

    The Axe and the Dawn

    On one of the oldest ork held planets Grimbal was born, or so he was known as at the time. An off shot world, he grew up in the wild, fighting amongst his clan and any creatures in the area. That was his life, but it would not last. 20 years after he first walked onto his home world they came, the Great Devourer, the Tyranids. This hive fleet, yet small decimated the ork population, forcing the small amounts of them left to flee, Grimbal among them. He swore that he would extract his revenge.
    He spent the next years fighting in Ghazkull's armies, fighting on Armageddon. There he joined the Kult of Speed, his obsession with speed taking control of his life. He fought on countless planets with them until he met Kratok. After raiding an underground bunker, he found a room in the deepest dungeon, there chained to the wall was the ork that would turn Grimbal's hunger for power into a reality. This old ork, his skin milky white from lack of sun, covered in tattoos from his captures, his eyes gouged out, would become the prophet that would send thousands to Grimbal's rallying cry. All those who challenged the words of Kratok were slain instantly, destroying all doubts of his visions.
    Grimbal's thirst for speed and machines would not be quenched, his banner would hold the cog and the skull, earning the name “The Cogs of War”. All planets would know when he was coming, he would raze all planets with his cypher. He soon commanded countless orks, ready to start his conquest on the galaxy, but first revenge burned his mind, thoughts of the Tyranid invasion drove him to seek out the fleet that destroyed his world. He descended upon the hive fleet with all vengeance burning within him. Burning everything in his wake, he watched the burning fleet flicker as they crashed upon the surface the the neighboring planet, his boys would land and killed everything. He torched the planets utterly destroying the scourge that plagued his dreams for so many years, the fires on these planets would burn for a decade before dieing out. Grimbal would leave his past burning on with those planets, he would forever be known as Kashruku Grimbal Tof Geardak, all would fear that name.
    Now a warlord, orks flocking to him by the thousands, he turned to the planet Mazrok, the one that would become the center of his empire. He struck without warning, leaving destruction in his path, taking the planet in only 2 years. In the last night of fighting Kashruku took his banner and rode his warbike to the mountains that shadowed the great cities, there on the peak on the tallest mountain he planted his banner, the wind rushing against him. He faced the burning cities and bellowed to the coming dawn, “I iz Kashruku Grimbal Tof Geardak, Lord of War, Big Cide of da Gears of Orks, and I clamz dis world az mine! All those who tryz to stop me willz be crushed!”

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    A nice narrative bit - but it lacks... you know. More Orky maddness! Have you considered writing it from his point of view, or continue with your omniscient one but still add some dialogue and maybe illustrate the Orkoid tactics against the tyranids.

    You could do so in the next chapter, using this one just to 'sum up' the events and then recount them in heavier detail in the next.

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