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    Chaos Icon Fluff - who else has done this?

    Hey folks

    Now the Ancient Enemies rule is gone it's a power-free-for-all in the Chaos Army list.

    But purerists like myself are still having a hard time enjoying the idea of CSM who worship Khorne fighting along side CSM who worship Slaanesh.

    Not to mention the horror of having red/pink/blue and green models in your army (paint explosion!).

    Buuuuuttttt the rules for the Icons are nice and my own Nurgle Renegade force could do with some extra (and cheaper) options to help it out on the battlefield.

    And thus I give you the (other) Three Icons of the Chaos Gods.

    Nurgle style!

    The Yellow Fever
    Nurgle has blessed this Icons bearers with the Yellow Fever. Their brow burns hot and their eyes are glazed. Their mind run constantly with the burning schemes of the Lord of Decay as their limbs twitch and spasm with his fever.

    Counts As: Icon of Slaanesh (+1I)

    The Screaming Madness
    The skulls and bodies that hang from this Icon constantly scream and chatter in the foul dark language of Nurgle. Its bearers are driven into a state of near frenzy by the constant stream of madness that spews from the long dead lips of the corpses.

    Counts As: Icon of Khorne (+1A)

    Cloud of Flies
    The Icon is surrounded by millions of warp-summoned flies that buzz in a thick black cloud around the bearer. Enemies of the Plague God find their weapons clogged and their vision impaired by these tiny servants of Nurgle. The Icons bearers laugh as projectiles are blocked by the cloud and revel in hand to hand combat as the flies choke the enemies
    lungs stopping them from landing killing blows.

    Counts As: Icon of Tzeentch (5+ Invulnerable Sv)

    So their we go - the other three blessings of Nurgle that no one ever told you about!

    Anyone else done the same?

    Don't hate Da Playa, hate Da Game!!!

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    I think loads of people are doing that at the moment and taking advantage of the fact that the new Chaos codex allows you to do that. I myself have taken the various walkers and war machines in the codex and used them to represent various magical constructs and golems that accompany the Thousand Sons to war (with appropriate paint jobs and conversions, of course).

    There's loads of things that can be done with the fluff with regard to the Marks and Icons and various other things. Just be careful not to let them get sniped! Wouldn't want those plague cauldrons shattering before they've been delivered to a place with lots and lots of people!

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