Chapter II - Arrival of the Ancients - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Chapter II - Arrival of the Ancients

    Below is a link to the first chapter, enjoy : (Ork Ignorance, and a Seer's Uncertainty)

    Ruddick woke to the familiar sound of the ship’s alarm system, crawling out of his bed and slipping on his captain’s uniform. Calmly, but swiftly, he turned towards the door and paced over to it in a few short strides. What would it be this time he wondered? Shuddering at the thought of another massive Ork invasion entering Armageddon’s high orbit. Before he could reach down to use the handprint-lock on his door, the metal plates slid open, revealing a slightly fatigued, first mate Johnson.
    “Cap’n!” Johnson greeted his captain, and saluted impulsively.
    “At ease Johnson.” The captain replied wearily.
    “Sir, three alien battleships of unknown design just entered high orbit around Armageddon, and they’re coming in fast.”
    Ruddick scratched an old knife wound on his neck as he considered the implications of what the first mate had just said. He made a quick hand movement, ushering his first mate to walk with him on his way to the bridge. Unknown Design. Surely the ship’s records had all of the known xenos and heretic designs of the imperial fleet intelligence database? He must remember to update the database next time there’s a chance.
    “Is there any clue, any marking, anything at all that you may have overlooked.”
    Johnson hesitated for a moment then spoke.
    “Sir… it appears there are markings on the vessel, numerous markings. but the markings are not registering on the system. More importantly though sir… preliminary scans show immense power fluctuations… but no signs of life signatures aboard the vessels.”
    The crewman’s voice sounded shaky as he spoke the last words.
    “Well that would be explained by the screening effect of large power fluctuations wouldn’t it? Confirm your report with the results from the Argo and the Pegasus, then I want all able crew members at battle-stations.”
    Ruddick directed him with his strong tone of command.
    “Aye sir!”
    Shouted the first mate as he strode away, towards the communications room. Ruddick turned the last corner and strode into the ship’s bridge. Ruddick always liked to play things safe, and so had the ship’s enginseers and techpriests move the main components of the bridge into mid-deck. He had also gone to the trouble of having the main bridge sealed off, to avoid de-compression damage if it were ever targeted. On-top of this ruddick had ordered the construction of false-signal and life-sign emmiters in the de-pressurised original bridge, which he had bought from a rogue Eldar trader off-record. Ruddick turned to the lieutenant on deck and relieved him with a gesture.
    “Well done for informing me so swiftly Schoemann.” The captain congratulated the officer as he saluted and marched out of the bridge. The commander proceeded to the nearest vid chair and put on the visual-audible communication headset at the terminal.
    “Give me standard optical and signature wavelength transmission input from the main receivers.”
    He commanded into the audio-device. The screen remained blank for a few seconds and then suddenly flashed into life, brining up a HUD display with images of the surrounding space from three viewpoints. Ruddick quickly located the xenos vessels on one of the vid-screens, however they were obviously too far away for standard optical to pick up any detail.
    “Maginitude Increase: 150%”
    He spoke calmly into the device. The computer responded immediately showing Ruddick a close up of the three vessels side-by-side. Ruddick could hardly believe what he was seeing. Two tall golden pyramid-like structures stood raised above and below the glossy black disc-like hull of each of the vessels. An ominous sickly green light bathed many of segments of the sleek hull, and surrounded the ships themselves. The strange vessels seemed to give off a strange sense of awe and fear in equal magnitude. Ruddick gazed at them picking up every detail of the glossy black hulls, and as he did so he began to feel a cold sense of mortality, as if he was staring straight into the abyss. He quickly shook himself out of that illusion and decided it was the xenos vessels playing tricks on his mind. He switched the audio-piece back on.
    “This is Captain James Arthur Ruddick speaking. I want confirmation on the results from the Argo and the Pegasus transferred to bridge terminal 12 ASAP. Any and all other relevant defensive and offensive data picked up on the xenos vessels is to be distributed amongst all ranking officers who will then brief the gunnery crews on how best to proceed. Ruddick out.”
    Shortly after giving the order Ruddick received a protocall message on his vid-screen from the first-mate, signalling confirmation from the other Imperial flagships. He moved to switch back on the audio-transmitter, but paused momentarily as subtle green flickers appeared atop the golden pyramids of each xenos vessel. The events that followed all occurred in such quick succession that Ruddick could not fully account for each right away. Firstly the vid screens showed a bolt of blinding green light streaking from the closest xenos vessel to Ruddick’s ship. Then the entire vessel seemed to shudder so violently that ruddick feared it was being torn apart and the ship’s power shut-out causing momentary darkness, and cutting out the vid-links. After backup power kicked in and had restored emergency lighting to the bridge, Ruddick flicked on his audio-transmitter, and bellowed into the device.
    “Ship integrity report!”
    There was a short pause follwed by a shaky first mate’s reply.
    “Err, Capt’n… We just lost all primary power as well as weapons and main engines functionality. We only have secondary adjustment thusters … It seems the alien vessel was able to completely disable all of our offensive and defensive systems. We’re sitting ducks!”
    Ruddick cursed bitterly at the dire situation he and his crew were in. His mind raced over feasible courses of action. Firstly, with no weapons to fire with and an obvious technological disadvantage, remaining in battle was basically suicide. However, with no main engines, any attempt at escaping into the warp would prove futile. What Paths were left? In the current situation the only feasible path left that he could think of was planetfall. With no main engines, the only way to achieve this would be with secondary adjustment thrusters, making for a slow and dangerous decent. Worse still, Ruddick knew that once planet-fall had been initiated he and ship and crew would be stranded on the planet’s surface until repairs could be made and an Imperial response fleet could be mustered. Ruddick decided that the risks of staying in orbit were too great and the xenos vessel would surely finish charging for a final killing blow at any moment. Without further hesitation, Ruddick switched on his audio-transmitter.
    “This is captain Captain James Arthur Ruddick speaking. All hands, prepare for planet-fall.”

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    ;? wow, that was interesting love reading 40k stories

    it says 'chapter 2' do you have a link to chapter 1

    keep up the good stuff, hope to read some more real soon
    In the name of the Emperor and for the Glory of the Imperium... Gimme Back My Girlfriend! :(

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