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    What Year is it and whats going on?

    The best I can gauge is it is 40999 (critical hit 40k timeline), is that right? I'm not sure how often that is updated.

    But what galaxy spanning event is currently underway? Are we still in the midst of Hive Fleet Leviathans invasion? Has Abaddons 13th Black Crusade been beaten? What about Ichar, Medusa, Armageddon? All done and dusted, finished, or still going on?

    The Crimsons Fists tried their best to blow themselves up in 40989 - only 11 years 'ago' - will they be back at full strength yet? Lexicanum states they have less than 500 marines, but the destruction of their world resulted in only 128 left remaining - so getting up towards 500 marines in only 10ish years is fairly good going.

    A lot of these big famous on going campaigns, like Ichar and Medusa for example, seem to have been over within a couple of years, which seems too short.

    So, what year is it and whats going on?

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    Well, the date never really changes as such (not anymore at least); but in 999.M41, the Black Crusade began (from roughly fraction 387+ of 999, not counting the Plague Fleets appearing, which we don't have a date for), and has reached a critical stage (read: stalemate) with Cadia won by Abaddon's forces, but the Imperial Navy in control of the spacelanes. Medusa V was evacuated, sometime after or around 128 of 999. Armageddon was attacked by the Orks for the second time, with the first contact with the Ork fleet around 453, and 6 weeks later (579 or thereabouts) the Orks were in high orbit around Armageddon. (Amalgamating contradictory background) A further fleet, or a large proportion of stragglers from Thraka's fleet, were not stopped by the Imperial Navy around the same time, and the relative respite of the Season of Fire is wearing off, and the Orks and Imperials are drawing up battle lines again (read: stalemate). The Hive Fleet Leviathan was diverted to the Ork Empire of Octavius after the defence of Tarsis Ultra.

    Possible spoilers for Black Library books ahead:

    At some point, the Blood Angels Chapter were severely damaged in an attempt by Chaos to subvert them. Chaeronia, a Forgeworld that had disappeared a hundred years previously, returned from the warp and was attacked by an Imperial fleet. The Nightbringer was released from it's tomb on Pavonis, despite Ultramarine intervention. The Black Templars of the Solemnus Crusade arrived to Armageddon around the late 800's. Hydra Cordatus was attacked by the Iron Warriors.

    Ichar IV was defended successfully around 993.M41. The Crimson Fists, I believe, are not yet back up to full strength, if I recall correctly from Crimson Tears.

    That's all I can think of at any rate. Hope I helped!
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