I am going to make a new 40k campaign, called the ressurection of vorash.

The idea is that the conductor is planning somthing more then people know, yes he may follow slaanesh, but really he is following his own dark agenda.

The campaign tells, that really he is the reincarnation, the mortal form of Vorash, his orchastra of insanity is fulling his ressurection.

So anyone care to help me make this campaign?

It will envolve the greyknights, as the conductor was a greyknight once, so his once friend but now nenmsis wants to bring him down.

Also fulgrims forces will be against the orchastra, as fulgrims hates the conductor, as slaanesh prefers his servent conductor instead.

The last part of the campaign will be on the orchstra world, where the ceremony to make the conductor rebecome the dead god Vorash lord of insanity once again.