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    Homeworld of the Shadow Dragons

    After writing the fluff for my chapter the Shadow Dragons, i felt it was a bit hollow and decided to try and fill out a few things. So here we have a little bit about their Homeworld, i apologise if it is seriously bad, but i'm not very good at writing about detailed environments.

    Click here (Shadow Dragon fluff MKII) to view Shadow Dragons fluff or look for link in sig for those who havn't read it.

    Draconis Prime, a Death World, and once our Homeworld. One fifth of the surface area was oceans, and 9 tenths of the remaining surface area is tropical jungle. It surprised us when we first came upon it, to find that the planet did not lack in human settlements, where upon most Death Worlds it is near impossible to find settlements let alone colonise.

    Several squads from the fourth company of our Chapter the Twighlight Dragons, were requested by the Chapter Master Koridin Maganus to head down to the surface, along with the Imperial Exploration force that we were temporarily assigned to. We were there not only to act as guards against the hostile creatures of the planet, but also to examine the local habitatants of the planet. After much screening, Chapter Master Koridin Maganus requested that Draconis Prime become the Twighlight Dragons Homeworld.

    We initially landed upon one of the few peninsulas that was clear of plants and trees so as to set up a base camp where we could unload supplies and such in relative safety. As the base camp was being set up, we were given the location by the geographical researchers of the Exploration fleet, of the nearby settlement. After checking our gear, Sacri squad along with my own headed off into the jungle environment to find and examine Draconis Primes Populace.

    It wasn't long into our search that we came upon the first of the many hostile creatures upon the planets surface, or more they came upon us. We were first alerted by the slight rustling of the undergrowth around us, readying our bolters we carried on, though not long after bipedal reptiles the size of horses leapt out of the undergrowth to attack. Though they were torn apart by bolter fire, there speed and strength, mixed with the dense undergrowth allowed them to reach us in several steps and before being dispatched, they had managed to knock down and wound Brother Keldar.

    This wasn't the last time we would encounter such creatures, though thankfully due to our encounter with such a small group, we were able to prevent any further injuries due to the signs that were given of before an attack. On one particular occasion, if not for Brother Dealan and his insistence of bringing along a melta gun, we would have taken severe casualties when we happened across a creature whose size rivaled that of a Land Raider.

    It was a surprise to us when we happened upon the settlement we had been directed towards, as the settlement though mostly residing within a clearing in the forest, also intertwined with it eventually leading to structures being built within the treetops. It was obvious by this that the inhabitants relied on these high up structures to act as sentry posts, in order to alert the settlement of incoming threats. Though despite expectations, rather than being welcomed with open hostility as might have been thought, the people who lived in the settlement welcomed us with awe and hospitality.

    It was not long until we found that the language of these people was not all that far gone from our own, be it that they are remnants of a people stranded on the planet from a time past, or that it was sheer coincidence, we did not know, but due to this it would make things easier when it came time to explain the situation.

    We realised rather quickly how it was that the settlements could exist, every inch of the village was built in such a way that the villagers could defend themselves from the predators of the jungle, traps laid out that could be readied the moment an alarm was raised, barricades that could be raised quickly, and weapons lined up along the sides of buildings. You could tell from the way they moved and their body muscle that they were a people used to fighting for their survival and that they knew how and when to change from prey to predator.

    It was from this initial report, after our examining of the people and our inquiry into the possibility of corruption within the blood of the people and finding it to be free from taint, which prompted the Chapter Master to request that the planet of Draconis Prime become the Homeworld of the Twighlight Dragons.

    Thus Draconis Prime was to be prepared for the building of our fortress monastery, as well as the construction of the monastery it was also requested that structures be placed by the settlements of the local populace to act as recruitment posts and also areas cleared for carriers to land. Eventually after a time, larger settlements were built in order to create more stable and well defended positions for the people to live.

    The people of Draconis Prime being warriors already were perfect candidates for becoming Space Marines, with their knowledge of fighting and tactics, along with their strength and resourcefulness, it would be rare for our chapter to lack strength and numbers. The apothecary also made discoveries amongst the many recruits, in that those who had amongst their villages been called seers, had vast psychic potential.

    Our Homeworld would see its end, due to the vast amount of psychic potential amongst the populace.

    Note: The Bipedal reptilians mentioned in this bit of fluff are not by any means related to the slanni, in actuality they are more remaniscent of the cold ones from fantasy, im just not good at describing things :s anyway as with my army fluff critisise but make it constructie please.

    Mutated by the Warp, we are outcasts, yet Space Marines we remain. We shall destroy our enemies, and we shall do so from the shadows where none shall see us coming. - Drizkan Incarus of the Shadow Dragons

    Shadow Dragons Fluff
    Shadow Dragons Homeworld
    Siege of Draconis Prime

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    Well as far as homeworld fluff goes, it all works pretty well. Nothing really wrong with it, so....good job! Enjoyable reading.
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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