As i remember reading somewhere on the rules section for the forums, that posts on fluff that are more than two A4 pages in size should be posted in the Art and Fiction section of the forums, i thought that i had best be on the safe side and post my next bit of fluff over there.

It's called the Siege of Draconis Prime

For this bit i have tried to write it in more of a third person view, looking at a specific person rather than the first person view which my previous two bits of fluff seemed to be writen in.

I shall probably write the next bit either during or after the conversion of my Commander, which yes i now i said that before, but my fingers where itching to start typing so i had to let them have their own way :p

Also i hope i havn't gone and broken any rules by posting this as a link to my bit of fluff, if i have i am extremely sorry and wont do it again.