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Thread: Dragon Warriors

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    Dragon Warriors

    having decided my khorne army was goign to be dragon warriors, I have decided to make units and combat doctrines for them. As well as a little background. I will keep adding to the fluff, but here it is for now.

    THe idea for Dragon guard came to me when my friend showed me a space marine model, which contained a sword emblem (symbol of the dragon knights, this is a bit of fluff i already had going through my head) and Some wings (which will be painted to be phoenix wings, the symbol of the Dragon Guard). The annoying thing is when my friend showed me a model with the emblems i described to him on it, i realised it was the exact same as the DA!!! You will find out what im blabbering on about with "dragon Knights" and "Dragon Guard" if you read the fluff

    +++Transmission 1182 to Officer Schon+++

    Officer, under command of the inquisition, attatched to this letter is the general combat doctrine and history of the heretics you fight.

    *presses "Open" on data slate*

    Dragon Warriors Combat Doctrine:

    Beginning from the lowest ranks, here is the Imperial information on the heretic chapter known as the "Dragon Warriors".

    Dragon Warriors Force Orginisation

    Dragon Warriors: These are the lowest ranking troops in the force, being simple linesmen. They are effectively Chaos Space Marines. However, they show an interesting favour to heat based weaponry (i.e. Flamers, Plasma Guns), they are usually mountedi n transports.

    Threat Level - Medium

    Phoenix Squadrons - These are bike mounted Dragon Warriors, with the same favouritism towards heat based weaponry.

    Threat level - Medium

    Drakenkin: These are the Assault troops of the Dragon Warriors, with the same favouritism towards heat based weaponry. They are also mounted on jump packs.

    Threat level - High

    Firebreathers: These are the Dragon Warriors' Devastator marines. Unlike most other Forces, they dont use heavy weapons. Instead fielding many assault weapons. Commonly mounted in Transports.

    Threat level - High

    Dragon Knights: These are a cadre of elite warriors in the Dragon Warriors' force. When they go to battle they occasionly wear terminator armour. The Dragon Knights' suits of power armour usually have an attatched flamer to the wrist (much like the grey knights... not that they exist good sir...:happy, and are led by Dragonkin.

    Threat level - Very high

    Dragonkin: This is the Dragon Warriors' Squad Sergeant. Commonly carry combi flamers.

    Threat level - High

    Dragon Guard: These are the elite of the elite in a dragon warriors army. Fighting in robes the colour of magma, they use no ranges weaponry (bar bolt pistols) and are sworn to protect their Lord. They have never been seen retreating, dying to a man rather than facing dishonour.

    Threat Level - Extreme

    Dragons: These are great Warp - Spawned beasts that the Dragon Warriors enslave and unleash upon enemy armies.

    Threat level - Very High

    Dragon Warriors' Commanders are the same as other chaos lords, and are to be feared in close combat, where they specialize.


    Originally Posted by Archnomad
    Well I picked up my first model when I was 7.

    I misunderstood that... ALOT


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    Your gonna have to write some seriously cool fluff. I personally want to see more, but you've gotta coupla dragon armies to compete with here. I really like the dragon knights, but it sorta seems too noble. Maybe put the bikers on chaos beasts that look like dragons? That'd be pretty cool!
    PM me about Aurora Prime Vassal fights! Willing and ready!

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