Yep, finally, after MUCH debate between IG and Nids, I decided to go with the noble Space Marines, and not any of those pretty boys such as the Imperial Fists and there 'please god shoot me in the face' yellow or those Black Templars with their 'ooh i have a cloak and a sword therefore i am invincible' stuff, nor those annoying ultramarines with there 'we dont need special tallents, we are the guard of the space marines and you will fear us' bs. No, decided to do something new, the Sons of Argus. After reading the horus heresy books, i came to envy how the older first founding chapters were set up, the tight knit brotherhood, unlike those today in the fluff, and thought that a more 'old school' chapter seemed perfect for me.

Here is the problem, I have fluff ideas running in my head, such as the Mornigvaul idea from the Luna Wolves (loved them before they went traitor on us) and other such goodies, but no idea how to put them together. So i cast my hat out, in hopes that someone out there is willing to drop a little white note into it with an idea scribbled on it, for i have no true idea how to go about this process.

Thanks for your time