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    +++ The Lorg +++

    ++THE LORG++

    The Lorg are a collection of various species that are enhanced with implanted cybernetics, giving them improved mental and physical abilities, some are bipedal and some distinctly bestial. The Lorg inhabited the subterranean regions of the world, waiting for their so called Emergence Day, when they will emerge across the surface in a massive, overwhelming horde attacking the human population. The Lorg's only known objective is the complete and total annihilation of the human population. The Lorg exists in underground tunnels known as the Pit, which is a short term used to describe the hollow portions of planet controlled by the Lorg. The Lorg are as feared and hated because of their aggressive and violent nature, destroying everything in their path like a juggernaut against which "resistance is futile", it is very powerful proof that the fearful Luddite prophecy – the vision that technology will eventually transform humanity into monsters is not only true but happening beneath us.

    Lorg Drone

    Drones appear to be the common race among the Lorg. They grow to be more than 2 meters tall and weigh 120 kilograms (roughly 265 pounds). The Lorg Drones have deep scaly pores and possess very low and intimidating voices. Lorg Drones have large sharp teeth. They seem to appear larger than humans with white skin with gray patches. Some Drones, particularly snipers and gunners, wear goggles.

    They were bred in an accelerated state and surgically receive implants tied directly into the brain, as well as ocular devices, tool-enhanced limbs, armour, and other prosthetics to be bloodthirsty fighters and want one thing: to tear Humans limb from limb. When ordered, Drones will throw their lives away by the hundreds to kill one entrenched Human. They often crawl out of "Emergence Holes", which the Lorg Drones use as a bridge between underground and the surface world.
    Drones are intelligent opponents, trained from birth to destroy Human troops, who follow basic infantry tactics of flanking, dominating the terrain, and setting up ambushes.
    They usually wield the Driller, a burst-fire assault rifle. Some regular Drones also use the simply assault rifle, and will utilize the chainsaw bayonet to lethal effect. Most basic Drones wear a helmet and body armor while Grenadiers (who normally wield shotguns and frag grenades) mainly go into battle without chest armour, due to their lower combat life expectancy. The Drone Grenadier's plan of attack is simple: to charge the enemy gun blazing. Although Grenadiers are seen unarmored, their lack of chest armor does not affect resilience to weapons fire. Drone Grenadiers possess an extremely thick skull and skin, giving them extra protection in comparison to an average Drone trooper. There are also sniper Drones, who wield the Headtaker sniper rifle.


    Berserkers are immense female Lorg who fight using sheer strength and toughness. They grow to be 2.2 meters tall and weigh 260 kilograms (573.2 lb). They cannot see, instead using sound and scent to detect enemies. The slightest click of a gun can be heard by these creatures. Berserkers charge forward and rip apart any living creature upon even the least threatening noise, such as the flutter of bird wings. The Berserkers will also charge when a Human is too close, picking up their scent. They walk slowly, often with their hands out to feel their surroundings. Berserkers are extremely dangerous to be around even to their own kind, they are usually escorted by two or three drones. Charging Berserkers are powerful enough to smash through solid stone walls with ease and can kill armored humans in a single blow. Berserkers are immune to small arms and most explosives, but can be harmed by the satellite-based Hammer of Thor.
    If confronted by a Berserker whilst the Hammer of Thor is unusable, a Human soldier will have to be quick-footed and very resourceful if they hope to survive the encounter.

    Lorg Guards

    Cold, calculating, and vicious elite warriors, they are easily distinguished from Drones as they wear metallic masks and long leather-like coats that trail behind them as they move. Their sibilant voices have been known to scare Humans into fleeing. Lorg Guards are faster, tougher, better-armed, more intelligent than an average Drone, and are described as being the best Lorg soldier bred in the Pit. Lorg Guards speak in hushed, short sentences, often saying single words. They often appear to be tasked with commanding groups of Lorg Drones and are often seen leading them into battle. Their primary weapon is the Spiker Bow, though they always keep a back-up weapon in case their Bows run out, particularly Bulldog Pistols. In addition, many Lorg guards may also use the Lancer or the Shotgun in some situations.


    Small, aggressive, blood-thirsty members of the Lorg Horde that are capable of climbing almost any surface. They run on all fours, and attack with the claws on their forearms. Their tactics include climbing on surfaces and jumping forward in a frenzy to attack their prey. They are weak yet fast and come in large numbers, often used as a distraction or cannon fodder by the Lorg. They often make their presence known before attacking by letting out a high-pitched scream that often shatters nearby glass or objects. They are very dangerous to Humans that forget to look up or are overwhelmed by a subsequent attack.


    The Carnage is an arachnid variant of the Lorg horde. It is a large spider-like creature with multiple eyes and large elongated teeth. The Carnage has 4 thick armored legs that guard its vulnerable underbelly, which is the only exposed part of its body. The Carnage is very resistant to damage, and even when hit in critical areas, small arms only seem to cause them irritation and pain rather than any significant injury. The Lorg Horde uses the Carnage to dig tunnels through the soil of world, allowing the other members of The Horde to move about undetected, even allowing them to dig behind Human battle lines.

    Does anyone have any comments or helpful tips?
    Im basing this races concepts on a mixture of the Borg
    and the Locusts from Gears of War plus one or two bits stolen from other
    evil races. The army when built will be converted orks and will use the LatD
    OR THE Ork codex, depending on which fits better with the images I have in my head.


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    I think you need to pad this out.

    ATM it seems suspiciously like someone that was lifted from Gears of War into 40k. Tell me more about them, origins, beliefs, threat levels, where they are, what they're doing.

    This seems well written, but I wouldn't know that this had anything to do with 40k if this wasn't on a 40k forum.

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