This food was tougher than usual... Already huge amounts of Tyranids had been sent into the city Dalgar... And none had ever returned. This time the Hive Mind wanted a result against the food that stung... So he sent in Green Plague...

-C'mon boys, they're coming! Into the buildings, quickly! Chaplain Tarquin was ordering his battle group to get into defencive positions to await the inevitable onslaught of bugs. Three weeks... Three weeks they had been cooped up in this hell hold, a tangled mix of brick and metal, all that was left of the city of Dalgar, once the home to 4.5 million humans. The local guard had been unable to hold, and pulled back... The cowards! thought Tarquin. They should have a visit to the firing range! Now the Adeptus Astartes had been sent in to clear up there mess.
-We've fought these things back before, and we will do it again!

The first of the unholy, accursed beasts ran into the street, and was instantly turned into a messy puddle.

-Good firing Devastators!

But it was just begining... Soon the street was full of the bugs, hundreds, thousand, Tarquin didnt dare guess how many... Many Marines, veterans of an incredible amount of battles, were falling all over the place. Then he saw something that made him glow with pride that this was his battle group...

A tactical squad of 10 men charged into the advancing Hormagaunts, deadly in hand to hand, at least 20 strong. With a *For the Emperor!*, the Marines charged, smashing three hormagaunts skulls... But then, the bugs fought back with unparalleled ferocity, and 3 Marines fell... But still they held, their faith holding them where they stood.

Seeing that his Marines were going to be overrun by the chitinous wave, he charged.

-For the Emperor! cried Tarquin
-Die deviants! screamed his entire squad at once.

They smashed into the Hormagaunts, slaying another 10, loosing only 2 Marines in return. However, even those small loses were to much for his worn out little battle groups.

Then it came, the Hive Tyrant, the most attrocious creature in the whole Tyranid army. It came charging into the Chaplain's retinue, throwing 9 foot tall 200 pound Space Marines around as though they were pebles, such was the creatures strength. After 2 Marines fell, Tarquin's energetic claw dug into the Tyrant's thick torso armor, ripping a massive whole, and all of its vitals fell on the ground. Despite this horrific wound, the Tyrant fought back with redoubled ferocity.

Just when it seemed as though victory would be theirs, a group of hidden Genestealers appeared near the Devestators, and charged them. Despite their courage, thesy were overwhelmed and chopped to pieces as they stood. Not one would ever see Maccragge again...

As they were getting surrounded by the mass of bugs, just as the Chaplain was saying his last prayers to the Emperor, prepared to die, an Imperial Guard Armored Division appeared, and then the massacre truely begun.

As the tanks oppened fire on the smaller bugs, spraying their remains all over the battlefield, the Chaplain did something that would forever be remembered: he single handedly took down the Hive Tyrant, before being cut to pieces by the overwhelming numbers. Seeing Tarquin fall did not lessen their resolve, in fact they fought back with double the ferocity, and soon the entire city was turned into a blood bath, as, by this time, both sides had suffered horrific loses.

As the battle ended, and the Imperium had succesfully defended Dalgar, one Space Marine said something that will always be synonimous with the battle for Dalgar: What a mess! That was a big ass massacre!