The Fall of Skallagh - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The Fall of Skallagh

    Just wrote some fluff for my coming Word Bearers warband.
    Please criticize.

    It was on the eve of the midnight celebrations that we first set foot upon the world of Skallagh, to preach the word of our superiority.
    With the blessed might of our terminators our lord marched to the palace of their rulers.
    With words and diplomacy did we first ty to bring thm to our fold, but they in their folly turned deaf ears, trying to cling to the hope of ignorant saviours.
    They cast their curses and lies, they refused and they insulted, all in vanity.
    They angered our noble leader, who smote them with fire and steel. All in one swift blow did he convince them of our righteous ways. All was good.

    We turned to the humbled masses, quenching our thirsts in the ways we saw fit, hearing sweet lamentation from every throat.
    From that day forth we laboured to turn our new home into the visage that would please our gods. Eveywhere fires blazed, and cermons were held. We spread the teaching of glorious Chaos among the people, who understood in their hearts the rightness of our ways. Many a rebellion were supressed, and none dared to question our lord and leader.
    We formed a militia, starting a hundred, soon was a thousand and ened in the millions. We commanded their armour and legions as we commanded their souls. We were invincible.

    After many seasons of harvesting, word reached our auguries. The ungodly brothers came to challenge us. We spoke to them, seeking a way to avoid bloodletting. But as with the former rulers, they turned their faces from our light, finding their comfort in ignorance. Our lord devised a plan of welcome, and set the labour in motion. Cities were razed to give place to a vast plain of killing ground, strewn with the means of defence. The habitans of the world devoing their lives to us willingly in their work upon he fields. Many perished in glorious and wondrous toil. A sacrifice to the heavens.

    As the sky wept tears of burning steel we smiled, knowing our superior would see us triumph.
    They were clad in grey suits of armour, pale imitations of our own beautiful casings. They brought armour piloted by mortals, nothing compared to our blessed engines that breathed fire and spoke with malignancy. Warily did they advance, fearing the desolation of our home. When they reached our marker we let loose our legions of mortals – millions upon millions of humans seeking our gazes. The grey warriors let their fury descend upon our beloved disciples. The rage of their fire al but consuming our new sons. We raged where we stood, longing for the moment to return their kindness. We were answered.

    With our armour around us, we took to the field of battle. With shell and sword we smote the intruders. A thousand tanks held the first line, pounding our enemy. But they refused them. In their vain assaults to silence our guns, we awaited them. And as they reached the crests, we were there to embrace them as brothers should. Weakened and furios they had but litte chance. A hundred times did they reach us, a hundred times did we best them. Our ways were superiour.

    Our lord wept. He showed us what had become of our home, and we wept too. As our allies battled with the faithless, we took to our ships. We gave our sons and daughters a heartfelt farewell, and left for the stars. A new home awaited us.

    // Ureth Lamar, Second Captain and councellor of Lord Sethine of the Word Bearers Legion.

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    Great stuff, I love the Word Bearers. I especially like the way you rationalized the Chaotics as the 'right' side rather than the 'grr we're evil!' approach GW generally takes.

    Personally I think your Lord is a bit too hung up on the death and destruction. I've always seen WB as sort of an Imperial Crusade in negative. Knowing that they are in the right, puge and castigate the enemy, and damn the casualties, they don't matter.

    Other than that, good job.

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    i like it, it shows how chaos marines believe they are doing the right thing, no human ever thinks he himself is truly evil, we are all working towards "the good"

    Got a "good" rumour from a GW staffer? Forget about it, LO'ers know more than any random GW shop staffer.
    Voor alle nederlanders:
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