EDIT: I decided not to make the army hive-world based. (I like Bassies too much...)

My army is a Imperial Guard/Daemon Hunters/Witch Hunters army (the IG is the base, with Daemon Hunters or Witch Hunters added on as needed). I'm not going to use Grey Knights (the Inquisition base is a known fortress). I may or may not use SoB's (I haven't seen the new rules yet)

Because Daemons and Heretics often act in concert, the Ordo Heredicus and Ordo Mallus on Katara have essentially combined their operations, both headquartered in a massive temple-fortress that serves as the base of Inquisitional operations throughout the sector. They have had a garrisoned Imperial Guard regiment (6th Benzel Infantry: "The Inquisitor's Hammer", see below) permanently attached to aid them in their war against those who would seek to blaspheme against the Emperor.

6th Benzel Infantry:
The world of Benzel is a Temple World. The Ministorum runs the world in all but name. The fervor of the inhabitants is reflected in their armed forces.

Die Hards (Total faith in the Imperial Creed)
Iron Discipline (as above)
Sharpshooters (constant recitation of the proper Litanies)
Priests (duh...)
Carapace Armour (well supplied)

Modeling note: I'm using Inquisitors as proxies for my Commissars. Fluff line is that the Commissars were re-assigned when the Regiment was attached to the =][=

I'm not going to use them as Inducted IG, but rather use Inquisitors as allies (or field an all-Inquisitor army). Sorry, but I'm not giving up my doctrines or my tanks!

Thanks for reading. Comments, criticism, death threats, etc. are always welcome.

For the Emperor!