'umie Huntaz
Currently enslaving the mining world of Yaros VII to supply the raw materials needed by the Meks to build the weird yet feared vehicles, that the Klan are reknown for.
The population of Yaros VII is not fully subdued and there have been several uprising which were quickly crushed under the foot of Murbag Ironclaw. These uprisings have been nicknamed the Vulcha's Falls by the Orks. The Klan as been slowly growing in size also increasing it's threat towards the Imperium, which has resulted in a recon group of several cruisers arriving in system. The orks quickly attacked the new threat to their newly claimed planet, repulsing the crusiers through the masses of kill kroozers that the meks had made. In reponse to this attack the criusers dropped a Imperial Guard Regiment to try and reclaim the spaceport. A small crusade force of Black Templars are rumoured to be in the proximity of the system and are expected to respond to the Guard's requests for aid.

Warboss Murbag Ironclaw
Big Mek Fixxit
Weirdboy Zappic
Painboy Jutta Toof

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