'Grey Knight' Special Charater: Grandmaster Zryleon - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    'Grey Knight' Special Charater: Grandmaster Zryleon

    Grandmaster Zyrelon a unusually agile yet effective close combaterian seeking the death of every Chaos lord and with it their blood spilt, in the name of the emperor. Zyrelon believes the root of chaos is its leader. Zyrelon embeds Inquisitorial Stormtroopers into his army through his trust in bringing specially equipped infantry into battle.
    Zyrelon secretly loves the arts of death, as once Grandmaster Zyrelon was a Death-cult assassin, a highly successful one, so much so the Inquisition brought him secretly into service as a Grandmaster.
    Zyrelon once was called to assassinate abbadon in the early days of his rule, and it was said he managed to cause many blows to abbadon only for him to teleport away with his words
    "I hope to meet you again, under the reign of chaos! Muhaha"
    The words echoed through zyrelon as did the faces of his assassination team... dead.
    Grandmaster Zyrelon still seeks blood and enjoys the art of death, although zyrelon seeks the where abouts of abbadon through chaos and it is even said he telepathicly used the warp to find the whereabouts of abbadon but was only to be knocked to the ground.
    Grandmaster Zyrelon followed by his fellow assassins and was granted a callidus assassin in his efforts 'for the emeperor'. although Zyrelon is a dedicated soul his weakness and the ability to turn traitor through the means of assassinating abbadon are over-powering becoming the first 'grey knight' and even 'Grandmaster to become traitoris.
    will Zyrelon be able to assassinate abbadon and become close to the emperors side
    loss of faith in the emperor and a service to abbadon

    i made this up using the believable special charaters thread which was a bit further down the page on a reply but i'd love if someone could think of special rules to go alongside this charater and your opinions on wether i did a good job or not i enjoyed that

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