ok i need some fluff for a new chapter im coming up with the doom kaisers i have so far that:

they come from the firey shadow world of pyros
their chapter master is tokar mondes the flame king
they live by the rule of flame (they like the the heretics will burn thing)
their color scheme is tin blitz armor with midnight blue pads helmet and knee pads
and that they are on a quest to capture belarous the ice bringer a traitor who attacked the green flame of vagadar
their founder was a member of the salamanders who they consider their primarch
vagadar died when fighting a greater deamon of chaos
when he died his body burst into bronze and blue flames destroying every daemon around his body
and that tokar held the flame in his hands placeing it with in the lantern of pyros

i hope that is enough too work with any volentiers?(sp?)