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    Night of the Living Thread: Radiation and Aliens II

    Cancer in humans is caused by damage to genes on the DNA strands within a cell by various means such as radiation. Assuming that the majority of the races in WH40K have some sort of similar genetic information, how might races thought of as tougher than humans have their stuff be more resistant to damage? Or perhaps how does their biology halt the development of the damage into cancerous growth? It seems really unfluffy for Eldar to be walking around with lumps even if they were isolated from their medicine.
    A few ideas:
    Redundant Genetics: the genetic set is repeated multiple times within the cell and/or cell nucleii if they exist. Some cellular mechanism checks to see if "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things doesn't belong" (Sesame Street reference, y'all...word to Big Bird).
    Shielding Membranes: the outer cell walls and/or nuclear membranes of skin cells incorporate heavy metals from the diet (rock chewing Orks). These minute layers of lead and/or whatever block some radiation.
    Fat Chromosomes: discussed in the dead thread, I read it in Larry Niven books. Cosmic radiation and other weak-ish forms of destructive energy do microscopic damage and wouldn't break apart massive macro-molecules as big as a human finger. In a small creature, one chromosome bundle might serve for all its DNA replication.
    Super-bonded Chromosomes: A diamond is made of carbon but has its strength because of the arrangement of the atoms and their multiple tight bonds to each other. Something like human DNA might somehow be arranged to have damage-resistant bonds that don't scramble easily and knit back together when disrupted. I like this one for the Eldar; it seems more elegant, and there's no way the Eldar have FAT chromosomes!

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    ahh thank you for re-opening this thread, without asking. BUt dont worry, I already checked ahead to see if it was alright.

    Lol, no actually it's cool, i was gonna do it anyway.
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