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Thread: 101st Corhan

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    101st Corhan

    For your viewing entertainment:

    101st Corhan

    The 101st's regimental homeworld, Corhan, is located in the Segmentum Solar, not too far away from Cadia. Founded in the years before the Horus Heresy, Corhan prospered, and witnessed little fighting in the horus heresy due to its many, well disciplined regiments and battleships protecting the system. A major part of Corhan's defence lies in the fact that a warp storm engulfed the region for exactly half the horus heresy, thus shielding Corhan from the traitor legions' remorseless assaults.

    During abbadon's black crusade, Corhan constantly sent several regiments to aid Cadia and nearby systems. Also in the 41st millienium, Corhan experienced its first Dark Eldar raid. It has since been been better prepared. During the second raid, the Corhan PDF annihalated the Dark Eldar, while the populace where sheltered in Fortress cities across Corhan.

    The most notable Corhan regiment, the 101st has been known for its discipline and faith in the Imperial Cause. The regiment has seen much action, and only accepts new recruits straight from Corhan. The regiment has fought the Tau empire on several occasions in the eastern fringe of the Imperium, and inflicted massive casualties on the Tau, for little of their own guardsmen. At one time, The regiment annihalated a raid by the Eldar Craftworld of the Ulthwee on the agricultural world Fenthia, when it was policing the local populace during a rebellion.

    The 101st's Regimental Commander, Lord Herius Ceasrius is still alive to this day, and has won fame and accord, when he fought the orks on Armageddon, and pushed back Alpha legion on the island world of Tanhelia, with the assistance of Colonel Schafer's Penal Legon, and the 374th Tanhel Regiment. The armour of the regiment is typically cadian issue, but with different regimental colours, symbols, and flak armour colour, due to Corhan importing Massive ammounts of Cadian equipment in return for exporting raw materials to Cadia to assist in the War Effort.

    The majority of the regiment is stationed on the planetary system of Balius Prime.

    For some reason some words keep coming up in bold. Don't ask me why!

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    on a wrighting point of view you say Corhan to much, we get the point, id change a few words around to say eg: only accept recruites from their own world, insted of saying Corhan every 10 secs.

    Seccondly, i dont think any guard regiment has a history that far back, not only was the impeirl guard not formed but organizeation was totaly different, plus, records havent lasted so far back, it used to be the imperial army, not guard.

    I like the fluff overall but id try to "de glorify" them a bit, they sound more like a space marine chapter than a guard reg to me!

    thumbs up for it so far.
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    You should give them a flaw. Also, go into detail on why they are known for its "discipline and faith." Seriously, everyone says that. What makes your guard stand above the rest? Is it some sort of ritual sacrifice, the die hard doctrine?
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