We have to make quick progress... The Hive Tyrant knew that in front of them was the rearguard of the food with stinging lights. He was ordered to bash throught the rearguard, head through the northern part of the city, and meet up with the rest of Hive Fleet Black Plague.

So that was what they were going to do. Orders streamed through his synaptic brain, ordering him to advance, hormagaunts on the left flank. These he, Ragnork as the food with stinging lights at named him, was going to keep them charging, slashing in the general direction. On the other flank, over the destroyed streets, stood his spawn brother Falas. He was going to offer cover fire to the rest of the force, while his genestealers were going to advance. That was all they had at their disposal, 22 hormies, 12 stealers, Ragnork and Falas, and their guards.

The voices in his psychically atuned head started to tell him the battle plan, and he instantly reacted by ordering the hormies to advance onto the building in which 3 squads of the food with stinging lights were held up. Something must have made them want blood, for in a few minutes, the 1st squad they charged was lying on the floor, only a bloody mess of its former self, and they had suffered 0 casaulties. They pierced, and charged the squad behind them.

Suddenly, 2 huge metalic forms appeared at the end of the street. The food with stinging lights had brought the metal tin that hurts... 2 of them. Seeing these, the Hive Mind ordered the Hive Tyrant to open fire on one of them, shaking the crew, who couldnt retaliate. The genestealers dashed across the street, while Falas opened fire on 1 of the metal tins that hurts, however the ammo from its venom canon did nothing against its armor.

Out of the building to the right, a mortar shell soared over the streets and landed in the stealers, killing 2. A smaller metal tin on legs advanced from behind the metal tins that hurt, and advanced to the stealers. It opened fire with its flamer weapon, and missed completely. It then charged, and was unceremoniously turned into scrap by the stealers. However, they hit its fuel reserve, killing 2 more stealers. The food with stinging lights opened fire from the right side building, tearing 2 stealers into ribbons. The hormies continued the massacre on the left, slaying another squad, losing none.

The stealers charged the metal tin that hurts, the one with the smaller canon, and ripped it apart. Ragnork and Falas moved forward, under a hail of fire, all of which was bouncing harmlessly off their hard armor. They returned fire into the hidden Lascanon team, and sent them back to the Emperor. The Hormagaunts charged the last squad, once again slaying them unceremoniously, losing no one. Even Ragnork was surprised at this, even though he had no feelings, for they had cut up 25 food with stinging lights without suffering a single loss.

Finally, it seemed as though the food was gonna start fighting back, when their metal tin that hurts with the big canon opened fire on Falas, and both his guards fell, and he was seriously burnt in the process. Another round of firing from the building on the right, all of which bounced off the Hive Tyrants. Sniper fire reknewed, and one lucky shot got another wound on Falas. He would have been steaming angry, if he had any feelings

The hormagaunts, their objective completed, ran off the battlefield to rejoin the main Hive Fleet Green Plague. The genestealers moved up to the last metal tin that hurts (the one with the big gun), and ripped through its hull, hitting the fuel and ammunitions, leaving but 2 stealers on the scorched ground. They consolidated off the field, also ordered to meet up with Hive Fleet Green Plague.

The food with stinging lights cowardly stayed in their house, for they did not dare to try to stop both Ragnork and Falas meet up with the rest of their forces. They had seen too many good friends ripped to pieces by these monstrosities.

The Tyranids had won the day!