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    Word Bearers story, part Twenty-Four

    Colonel Jerome Larson fired the bolt pistol that Desmond, Carcerus’ ally, had given to him, and watched in satisfaction as a bolt round tore a fist-sized hole in an Imperial Guardsman’s chest. It was unfortunate that he had been forced to kill his former comrades, but they refused to accept the great truth that the blessed Lorgar had revealed to humanity and the price of refusal was death.

    At first Larson had been unable to see the truth behind the ideals Carcerus preached, but slowly he had begun to accept their validity. During his entire career in the Imperial Guard he had been pushed around, sent to various worlds to fight and die in the name of the Emperor. Countless comrades and childhood friends had died, sometimes in his very arms, all so that the Imperial war machine would not be defeated. All those years he had stood valiantly against the enemies of the Imperium, but when he had been called a traitor and sentenced to death, he began to feel that his loyalties were misplaced. What kind of government rewarded loyal soldiers with execution?

    When Carcerus had given Larson the rank of Colonel and command of one of the human regiments on Palmyra, Larson had been amazed by the size of the unit under him. Countless men fought on his orders, as well as an armored company headed by a Captain Flaron. Carcerus had tasked him and four other regiments with fighting the Imperial guardsmen that defended the Imperial palace. For three hours now they had hammered the Imperials, but there was nowhere for the loyalists to retreat to and they fought like a cornered animal. They had fought to a standstill, but Larson had just received word from one of the apostles under Carcerus’ command that the stalemate would soon be broken.

    The shadow of the Word Bearers’ titan loomed behind them and he felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up as the massive weapons fired into the Imperial ranks. The titan’s weapons vaporized an entire company of guardsmen, but within moments a swarm of men and women filled the gap. Leman Russes added their battle cannons to the fire, decimating vehicles and men alike. Two troopers next to Larson fell down, one clutching the hole torn in the side of his face while the other toppled back headless.

    A squad of loyalists topped a nearby ridge, and Larson screamed for his squad to cut them down. Banks opened fire with a plasma gun, killing two of the enemy soldiers while Larson shot the squad’s sergeant in the throat. The rest of the squad began to retreat, but the men behind them pushed forward into a charge that swept into the chaos ranks.

    Larson drew his power sword and met them head on, ducking under a trooper’s bayonet and slicing him open from the groin up to the throat. He pushed the corpse away from him and fired a dozen rounds at point-blank range into the enemy masses. One man clubbed at him with the butt of his lasgun, but he half-managed to evade the blow and took the man’s right arm off in retaliation. The man fell back screaming but a bolt round put him out of his misery.

    “Push them back!” Larson shouted to the men around him. “We have the upper hand, push them back!”

    The men roared in approval as they counter-assaulted the enemy, pushing them back towards their lines. Larson killed two more troopers and ran towards an enemy lieutenant, their faces mere inches from each other as their blades clashed together.

    “Captain Larson?” the lieutenant asked as he realized that he was fighting his former company commander.

    “Gerran, everything you know is a lie,” Larson answered as he recognized the man before him. “The Emperor cares nothing for those who worship him. He is not our god.”

    “You’re wrong!” Gerran shouted as he swung at Larson. “You’re a traitor to mankind! The only reward you will find for your service is damnation!”

    “You are blind, my old friend,” Larson said calmly as he turned the strike aside. “The truth lies before you and all you have to do is open your eyes.”

    Gerran said nothing and swung again, but Larson danced out of the way and used his momentum to drive his blade into Gerran’s belly.

    “If you can’t accept it, you will die,” Larson said softly.

    Gerran attempted to raise his blade in a last act of defiance, but Larson twisted his sword viciously in the Lieutenant’s belly and pushed the man away from him. It pained him to do so, but he had meant every word he had said. The citizens of the Imperium suffered while its so-called god did nothing but laugh in the face of their misery. Larson had once believed in his benevolence, but he knew the truth now. The God-Emperor was nothing but a lie that paled in comparison to the power of the Chaos gods.


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    Simply awesome Brother! Smash the blind lapdogs of the false Emperor! - As ever you have shown great insight in Larson's internal turmoil. If anything, he should also realize that in pure convenience, the Chaos Gods grant much more visible, tangible results than the vaunted 'God-Emperor'.

    The Ancient Powers of Chaos, go where they please...
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