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    Ok, if you've read my army list, you will know what this is.

    As Grand Master Ellios was walking up to the small tower that lay ahead, suddenly there was a large explosion. The Emperor's Champion, The White Crow, came up behind Ellios and said "Our Initiates are already in there, they have found the Heretics."
    Ellios nodded, and with that he ordered, "Tell Chaplain Artemis that we are to attack immediately."
    "Yes." Replied The White Crow, and he ran off into the distance.

    As Ellios and his retinue neared the tower, there was another explosion. The Grand Master wondered what was causing the explosions. It couldn't be the Black Templars, they didn't have anything with that kind of power.

    Ellios and his retinue neared the tower, and as they entered the chamber in the entrance, they saw a huge beast, with a giant sword in its hand. The Initiates were few in number. Ellios ordered, "Charge!". He and his retinue charged at the Daemon, striking with their Force Halberds. The creature screamed in pain as Ellios' Halberd dug deep into its flesh, and it swiped its claw like hand killing a nearby Initiate. Then, the Daemon let out a screech, and started to decimate the tower, and all of the buildings nearby. Many of the Initiates and 2 of Ellios' retinue were crushed by the debris.

    All that was left was a Grey Knight Terminator and Ellios himself. The Daemon turned to face Ellios, whilst the Terminator shot his Storm Bolter at the beast. The Daemon let out another shreek as a rocket from the Terminator's Storm Bolter emplaced itself in the Daemons' back and exploded. Then, the beast turned around to face the Terminator, and in one swipe of its huge sword, cut him in half. Ellios was alone now, so in a last resort, he held his Nemesis Force Halberd in both hands, and with a prayer to the Emperor, a shield of light burst out of it. The Daemon started to back down, as if the light was hurting it. Suddenly, the beast started to disappear, and within seconds, it had de-materialised.

    Ellios fell to the floor, exhausted. The next thing he could remember was hearing a vioce, telling him he had served "me" well. Then he woke to find himself in the sick-bay of a Crusader Ship, on it's way back to Terra.

    "You performed well, Grand Master," said Chaplain Artemis.
    "What of your Initiates?" Replied Ellios
    "Some escaped, but your Terminators did not make it out."
    "What about the Daemon?"
    "It was purged, it had disappeared completely when we arrived."
    The Grandmaster sat and thought for a minute. What had happened there was the most terrifying thing he had ever seen. That Daemon could have been a menace was I and my faithful Terminators not there. He prayed to the Emperor that his retinue be blessed in heaven, as Martyr's.

    Soooo, what do you think of it?

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    Good story, I like it. I'm always a sucker for a good Daemon purging! Maybe add some atmospherics? (I think that the best 40k stories set the scene.) Off topic, was there a chapter approved for Black Templars? I'm interested in knowing about their religious beliefs (I'm looking for a marine chapter that follows the Imperial Creed/Cult/whatever for my IG/WH/DH crusade, otherwise I’ll just make a scratch-build ‘nilla marines chapter).

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