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    The Darkmakers Background (Please Critique)

    Here is the second of two army backgrounds I wish to have looked at and commented on. I’m looking for making armies for both and miniatures will be mentioned in a separate reply on this post.

    The History Of The Darkmakers

    -- The Light Bearers --
    The origins of The Darkmaker Legion is a mystery however recent investigation reveals that they may of originated from around 4 Millennia after the ‘Horus Heresy’ as a loyal marine chapter known as the Light Bearers. This chapter possessed librarians who had the ability to heal, and it was believed to be derived from the Emperor. This allowed them to avoid casualties over a long period of time.
    Although they weren’t blessed with a homeworld like most chapters the Light Bearers became a beacon of hope for humanity across the Scarus sector near the Eye of Terror as they fought of invasions from both the Orks and Chaos.

    -- The Unstable Geneseed --
    But after several centuries it became apparent that a minor mutation had rendered most of their geneseed unusable. The Chapter now became dependent upon their healing abilities to remain at combat strength while questing for a cure as they could no longer induct new members. The chapter started to employ "Men At Arms" to make up for their dwindling numbers, these being recruits who could not be inducted due to the shortage of geneseed. The problem grew so severe that after two thousand years the chapter was down to only 4 fighting companies. Rather than face slow extinction it was decided by Chapter Master Marcus to pursue other options.

    -- Desperate Measures --
    Suddenly the Light Bearers numbers began to grow, with new silent marines in fully sealed armor fighting alongside them in loose formations. Though still formidable these new "Silent Warriors" marines seemed strangely stupid out of battle and it seemed as though the chapter was trying to conceal them from their allies, becoming ever more elusive. Growing concerns led to Inquisitor Moritan scouring the battlefield during a battle with ork WAAAGH! Moritan was able to recover the body of a fallen Silent Warrior.

    What he found was horrifying. Within the shining power armor of a Light Bearer was a fecund and rotted corpse of a long dead Space Marine. What else was more disturbing was although it lacked a lower torso it still attempted to move as though alive. Swiftly after destroying the blasphemous thing Inquisitor Moritan declared the Light Bearers Excommunicate Diabolus Terriblus.

    -- Driven To Madness --
    The following years became an everlasting trial for the Light Bearers as they had to abandon their quest for a cure to the chapter’s geneseed due to the Inquisition’s constant pursuit of them. What scared the Light Bearers more was that many Imperial worlds that were once thankful for their help had turned on them.
    The final blow to the chapter came from the assassination of the founding Chapter Master Marcus by a Vindicate assassin. It was then the chapter now nothing more than a handful of marines made the decision to go into the Eye Of Terror and fight the forces of chaos until death took them.

    -- The Gift & Curse Of Immortality --
    With humanity behind them the Light Bearers continued their suicidal crusade against Chaos within the Eye Of Terror. But despite the endless fighting none of them found an honorable death, the remaining marines had somehow become immortal even though many Light Bearers fell at the onslaught of countless deamons and traitor marines it was soon found out that they would just rise up again after a few hours to continue their eternal torment!
    Upon further investigation it was soon found by the apothecary that the warp had somehow strengthened their weaken geneseed so even after their demise their inherited unique healing ability would continue to work and eventually resurrect them.

    -- The Coming Of Sharazad --
    After a millennia of fighting and unable to be taken by death the chapter became weak allowing a deamon prince to slowly pollute their minds. The deamon prince Sharazad finally confronted the Light Bearers asking them why they were banished to the warp by the humans they had once protected, the Light Bearers at this point had grown tired of their meaningless crusade and didn’t not attack the deamon but instead answered ‘because we were loyal to the Emperor’ the deamon then asked what would they do now, now that the sprit of the Light Bearers was dead. What was their overall purpose now that they had been striped of everything they knew by the Imperium.
    The marines went silent but their faces said it all, they were lost and confused Sharazad saw this as an excellent opportunity and told them that he could offer them a purpose greater than any the Imperium could offer. A chance to avenge their chapter and become a force that would shake the foundations of the universe and make even the great Abbandon afraid! Worn down but the fighting the marines agreed to the deamon’s offer.

    -- From Light To Dark --
    It was then that the Darkmaker Legion was born. Over the following years Sharazad taught them how to harness their power of the warp to summon and command the dead enabling each marine to control mass legions of the undead, during this time Sharazad lead the Darkmakers towards a portal into normal space where they would escape the warp and unleash their hatred upon humanity. Using his deamonic powers Sharazad opened the portal allowing the Darkmakers to escape from the warp they then realized that they would need an army to begin humanity’s destruction.

    -- Recruiting The Ultramarines --
    However because Sharazad had lost most of his power in the escape they became reliant on others to provide them with the means to obtain an army. They soon came across a large force of Ultramarines and decided that they would make an excellent force for their cause.
    The Darkmakers began setting a trap for the Ultramarines company on the small Imperial World of Rygel, Sharazad meanwhile took on the form of a powerful Ork warlord and began traveling the surrounding planets recruiting a large force of Orks to destroy the Ultramarines, the trap was now set.
    After infiltrating the capital city’s communications array on Rygel the Darkmakers sent a distress signal to Ultramarine Battle Barge calling them to come to help them defend the city again the Tyranids soon enough the Ultramarines arrived in force only to be met by the city’s confused populace. It was then that the Ultramarines Battle Barge was set upon by the Ork fleet and the Ork horde now under the command and influence of Sharazad began their attack on the capital city.
    That night the ork horde descended upon the city and due to the numerous acts of sabotage done by the Darkmakers the city defenses swiftly fell and within a few hours the city was swarming with Orks.
    Sharazad then commanded that the Orks moved west and attacked the next city leaving him and the Darkmakers to raise the fallen Imperial Guard 1st and 2nd Regiment and a large company of the Emperors finest Ultramarines to serve them.
    With a large force obtained the next order was to take care of the Battle Barge that had by now destroyed the small Ork fleet. So Sharazad sent up one Thundershawk containing the undead Ultramarine commander and his command squad, once there they easily infiltrated and took the Battle Barge’s command deck Sharazad then had them crash it directly into the travelling Ork horde wiping them out completely after which they spread across the planet killing all the remaining inhabits that stood in their path before using some ancient deamonic relic or webway device to move on to the next planet. That is how the Darkmakers are able to move around from planet to planet without detection.

    The plan had succeeded Sharazad and his Darkmakers was now an unstoppable force leading legions of the Undead now they would set upon a Dark crusade destroying whole populations and with each battle their ranks would be bolstered by fresh troops.

    It was after this first successful campaign the Darkmakers gave Sharazad the nickname ‘Keeper Of The Dead!’

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    i think your chapter is pretty sweet although i think rhe name doesn't really have a ring to it but thats just me.o and also maybe your chapter could lead a crusade to find their first chapter master a bring him back maybe demon possed by shararzad

    p.s. whats the colours and symbol

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